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2017Betamethasone-exposed preterm birth does not impair insulin action in adult sheep.De Matteo, R.; Hodgson, D.; Bianco-Miotto, T.; Nguyen, V.; Owens, J.; Harding, R.; Allison, B.; Polglase, G.; Black, M.; Gatford, K.
2017Effect of diet and physical activity based interventions in pregnancy on gestational weight gain and pregnancy outcomes: meta-analysis of individual participant data from randomised trialsInternational Weight Management in Pregnancy (i-WIP) Collaborative Group
2017Clinical and biochemical factors associated with preeclampsia in women with obesityVieira, M.; Poston, L.; Fyfe, E.; Gillett, A.; Kenny, L.; Roberts, C.; Baker, P.; Myers, J.; Walker, J.; Mccowan, L.; North, R.; Pasupathy, D.
2017Atosiban versus fenoterol as a uterine relaxant for external cephalic version: randomised controlled trialVelzel, J.; Vlemmix, F.; Opmeer, B.; Molkenboer, J.; Verhoeven, C.; Van Pampus, M.; Papatsonis, D.; Bais, J.; Vollebregt, K.; Van Der Esch, L.; Van Der Post, J.; Mol, B.; Kok, M.
2017Viperin is an important host restriction factor in control of Zika virus infectionVan Der Hoek, K.; Eyre, N.; Shue, B.; Khantisitthiporn, O.; Glab-Ampi, K.; Carr, J.; Gartner, M.; Jolly, L.; Thomas, P.; Adikusuma, F.; Jankovic-Karasoulos, T.; Roberts, C.; Helbig, K.; Beard, M.
2017The INSR rs2059806 single nucleotide polymorphism, a genetic risk factor for vascular and metabolic disease, associates with pre-eclampsiaAndraweera, P.H.; Gatford, K.L.; Dekker, G.A.; Leemaqz, S.; Jayasekara, R.W.; Dissanayake, V.H.W.; McCowan, L.; Roberts, C.T.
2017Oxygen tension regulates the miRNA profile and bioactivity of exosomes released from extravillous trophoblast cells - liquid biopsies for monitoring complications of pregnancyTruong, G.; Guanzon, D.; Kinhal, V.; Elfeky, O.; Lai, A.; Longo, S.; Nuzhat, Z.; Palma, C.; Scholz-Romero, K.; Menon, R.; Mol, B.; Rice, G.; Salomon, C.
2017A novel embryo culture media supplement that improves pregnancy rates in miceHighet, A.; Bianco-Miotto, T.; Pringle, K.; Peura, A.; Bent, S.; Zhang, J.; Nottle, M.; Thompson, J.; Roberts, C.
2017Elective repeat caesarean section versus induction of labour for women with a previous caesarean birthDodd, J.; Crowther, C.; Grivell, R.; Deussen, A.
2017Antenatal suppression of il-1 protects against inflammation-induced fetal injury and improves neonatal and developmental outcomes in miceNadeau-Vallée, M.; Chin, P.; Belarbi, L.; Brien, M.; Pundir, S.; Berryer, M.; Beaudry-Richard, A.; Madaan, A.; Sharkey, D.; Lupien-Meilleur, A.; Hou, X.; Quiniou, C.; Beaulac, A.; Boufaied, I.; Boudreault, A.; Carbonaro, A.; Doan, N.; Joyal, J.; Lubell, W.; Olson, D.; et al.