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2017Mitochondrion to endoplasmic reticulum apposition length in zebrafish embryo spinal progenitors is unchanged in response to perturbations associated with Alzheimer’s diseaseNewman, M.; Halter, L.; Lim, A.; Lardelli, M.; Lakshmana, M.
2017Viperin is an important host restriction factor in control of Zika virus infectionVan Der Hoek, K.; Eyre, N.; Shue, B.; Khantisitthiporn, O.; Glab-Ampi, K.; Carr, J.; Gartner, M.; Jolly, L.; Thomas, P.; Adikusuma, F.; Jankovic-Karasoulos, T.; Roberts, C.; Helbig, K.; Beard, M.
2017Vision in dim light: highlights and challengesO’Carroll, D.; Warrant, E.J.
2017A novel embryo culture media supplement that improves pregnancy rates in miceHighet, A.; Bianco-Miotto, T.; Pringle, K.; Peura, A.; Bent, S.; Zhang, J.; Nottle, M.; Thompson, J.; Roberts, C.
2017Deletion of Nedd4-2 results in progressive kidney disease in miceHenshall, T.; Manning, J.; Alfassy, O.; Goel, P.; Boase, N.; Kawabe, H.; Kumar, S.
2017USP9X deubiquitylating enzyme maintains RAPTOR protein levels, mTORC1 signalling and proliferation in neural progenitorsBridges, C.; Tan, M.; Premarathne, S.; Nanayakkara, D.; Bellette, B.; Zencak, D.; Domingo, D.; Gecz, J.; Murtaza, M.; Jolly, L.; Wood, S.
2017DNA barcoding reveals habitual clonal dominance of myeloma plasma cells in the bone marrow microenvironmentHewett, D.; Vandyke, K.; Lawrence, D.; Friend, N.; Noll, J.; Geoghegan, J.; Croucher, P.; Zannettino, A.
2017Polypyridylruthenium(II) complexes exert anti-schistosome activity and inhibit parasite acetylcholinesterasesSundaraneedi, M.; Tedla, B.; Eichenberger, R.; Becker, L.; Pickering, D.; Smout, M.; Rajan, S.; Wangchuk, P.; Keene, F.; Loukas, A.; Collins, J.; Pearson, M.
2017Antenatal suppression of il-1 protects against inflammation-induced fetal injury and improves neonatal and developmental outcomes in miceNadeau-Vallée, M.; Chin, P.; Belarbi, L.; Brien, M.; Pundir, S.; Berryer, M.; Beaudry-Richard, A.; Madaan, A.; Sharkey, D.; Lupien-Meilleur, A.; Hou, X.; Quiniou, C.; Beaulac, A.; Boufaied, I.; Boudreault, A.; Carbonaro, A.; Doan, N.; Joyal, J.; Lubell, W.; Olson, D.; et al.
2017Knockout of the epilepsy gene Depdc5 in mice causes severe embryonic dysmorphology with hyperactivity of mTORC1 signallingHughes, J.; Dawson, R.; Tea, M.; McAninch, D.; Piltz, S.; Jackson, D.; Stewart, L.; Ricos, M.; Dibbens, L.; Harvey, N.; Thomas, P.