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2016Intradermal delivery of DNA encoding HCV NS3 and perforin elicits robust cell-mediated immunity in mice and pigsGrubor-Bauk, B.; Yu, W.; Wijesundara, D.; Gummow, J.; Garrod, T.; Brennan, A.; Voskoboinik, I.; Gowans, E.
2016The First Histidine Triad Motif of PhtD Is Critical for Zinc Homeostasis in Streptococcus pneumoniaeEijkelkamp, B.; Pederick, V.; Plumptre, C.; Harvey, R.; Hughes, C.; Paton, J.; McDevitt, C.; Camilli, A.
2016Naturally derived iron oxide nanowires from bacteria for magnetically triggered drug release and cancer hyperthermia in 2D and 3D culture environments: bacteria Bbiofilm to potent cancer therapeuticKumeria, T.; Maher, S.; Wang, Y.; Kaur, G.; Wang, L.; Erkelens, M.; Forward, P.; Lambert, M.; Evdokiou, A.; Losic, D.
2016PU.1 cooperates with IRF4 and IRF8 to suppress pre-B-cell leukemiaPang, S.; Minnich, M.; Gangatirkar, P.; Zheng, Z.; Ebert, A.; Song, G.; Dickins, R.; Corcoran, L.; Mullighan, C.; Busslinger, M.; Huntington, N.; Nutt, S.; Carotta, S.
2016TBC1D24 genotype-phenotype correlationBalestrini, S.; Milh, M.; Castiglioni, C.; Lüthy, K.; Finelli, M.; Verstreken, P.; Cardon, A.; Stražišar, B.; Holder, J.; Lesca, G.; Mancardi, M.; Poulat, A.; Repetto, G.; Banka, S.; Bilo, L.; Birkeland, L.; Bosch, F.; Brockmann, K.; Cross, J.; Doummar, D.; et al.
2016A HIV-Tat/C4-binding protein chimera encoded by a DNA vaccine is highly immunogenic and contains acute EcoHIV infection in miceTomusange, K.; Wijesundara, D.; Gummow, J.; Garrod, T.; Li, Y.; Gray, L.; Churchill, M.; Grubor-Bauk, B.; Gowans, E.
2016Mucosal vaccination with a live recombinant rhinovirus followed by intradermal DNA administration elicits potent and protective HIV-specific immune responsesTomusange, K.; Wijesundara, D.; Gummow, J.; Wesselingh, S.; Suhrbier, A.; Gowans, E.; Grubor-Bauk, B.
2016Androgen receptor-mediated genomic androgen action augments ischemia-induced neovascularizationLam, Y.; Lecce, L.; Tan, J.; Bursill, C.; Handelsman, D.; Ng, M.
2016Genomic analyses identify recurrent MEF2D fusions in acute lymphoblastic leukaemiaGu, Z.; Churchman, M.; Roberts, K.; Li, Y.; Liu, Y.; Harvey, R.; McCastlain, K.; Reshmi, S.; Payne-Turner, D.; Iacobucci, I.; Shao, Y.; Chen, I.; Valentine, M.; Pei, D.; Mungall, K.; Mungall, A.; Ma, Y.; Moore, R.; Marra, M.; Stonerock, E.; et al.
2016Ywhaz/14-3-3ζ deletion improves glucose tolerance through a GLP-1-dependent mechanismLim, G.E.; Piske, M.; Lulo, J.E.; Ramshaw, H.S.; Lopez, A.F.; Johnson, J.D.