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2014Antepartum dalteparin versus no antepartum dalteparin for the prevention of pregnancy complications in pregnant women with thrombophilia (TIPPS): a multinational open-label randomised trialRodger, M.; Hague, W.; Kingdom, J.; Kahn, S.; Karovitch, A.; Sermer, M.; Clement, A.; Coat, S.; Chan, W.; Said, J.; Rey, E.; Robinson, S.; Khurana, R.; Demers, C.; Kovacs, M.; Solymoss, S.; Hinshaw, K.; Dwyer, J.; Smith, G.; McDonald, S.; et al.
2014Does maternal diet during pregnancy and lactation affect outcomes in offspring? A systematic review of food-based approachesNetting, M.; Middleton, P.; Makrides, M.
2014Oxidative stress in mouse sperm impairs embryo development, fetal growth and alters adiposity and glucose regulation in female offspringLane, M.; McPherson, N.; Fullston, T.; Spillane, M.; Sandeman, L.; Kang, W.; Zander-Fox, D.
2014Self-efficacy and self-rated oral health among pregnant aboriginal Australian womenJamieson, L.; Parker, E.; Roberts-Thomson, K.; Lawrence, H.; Broughton, J.
2014Influence of lactation length and gonadotrophins administered at weaning on fertility of primiparous sowsHidalgo, D.; Friendship, R.; Greiner, L.; Manjarin, R.; Amezcua, M.; Dominguez, J.; Kirkwood, R.
2014Clinical prediction models for pre-eclampsia: time to take the next stepKleinrouweler, C.; Mol, B.
2014STRIDER: Sildenafil therapy in dismal prognosis early-onset intrauterine growth restriction - A protocol for a systematic review with individual participant data and aggregate data meta-analysis and trial sequential analysisGanzevoort, W.; Alfirevic, Z.; von Dadelszen, P.; Kenny, L.; Papageorghiou, A.; van Wassenaer-Leemhuis, A.; Gluud, C.; Mol, B.; Baker, P.
2014FluMum: a prospective cohort study of mother-infant pairs assessing the effectiveness of maternal influenza vaccination in revention of influenza in early infancyO'Grady, K.; McHugh, L.; Nolan, T.; Richmond, P.; Wood, N.; Marshall, H.; Lambert, S.; Chatfield, M.; Andrews, R.
2014Essential interventions: implementation strategies and proposed packages of careLassi, Z.; Kumar, R.; Mansoor, T.; Salam, R.; Das, J.; Bhutta, Z.
2014Preconception care: closing the gap in the continuum of care to accelerate improvements in maternal, newborn and child healthDean, S.; Lassi, Z.; Imam, A.; Bhutta, Z.