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2014Involving women in personalised decision-making on mode of delivery after caesarean section: the development and pilot testing of a patient decision aidSchoorel, E.; Vankan, E.; Scheepers, H.; Augustijn, B.; Dirksen, C.; De Koning, M.; Van Kuijk, S.; Kwee, A.; Melman, S.; Nijhuis, J.; Aardenburg, R.; De Boer, K.; Hasaart, T.; Mol, B.; Nieuwenhuijze, M.; Van Pampus, M.; Van Roosmalen, J.; Roumen, F.; De Vries, R.; Wouters, M.; et al.
2014Predicting successful intended vaginal delivery after previous caesarean section: external validation of two predictive models in a Dutch nationwide registration-based cohort with a high intended vaginal delivery rateSchoorel, E.; Melman, S.; Van Kuijk, S.; Grobman, W.; Kwee, A.; Mol, B.; Nijhuis, J.; Smits, L.; Aardenburg, R.; De Boer, K.; Delemarre, F.; Van Dooren, I.; Franssen, M.; Kleiverda, G.; Kaplan, M.; Kuppens, S.; Lim, F.; Sikkema, J.; Smid-Koopman, E.; Visser, H.; et al.
2014Endometrial thickness and pregnancy rates after IVF: a systematic review and meta-analysisKasius, A.; Smit, J.; Torrance, H.; Eijkemans, M.; Mol, B.; Opmeer, B.; Broekmans, F.
2014Pregnancy complications and metabolic disease in women with clomiphene citrate-resistant anovulation randomized to receive laparoscopic electrocautery of the ovaries or ovulation induction with gonadotropins: a 10-year follow-upNahuis, M.; Oude Lohuis, E.; Bayram, N.; Hompes, P.; Oosterhuis, G.; Van Der Veen, F.; Mol, B.; Van Wely, M.
2014Diagnostic markers for hyperemesis gravidarum: a systematic review and metaanalysisNiemeijer, M.; Grooten, I.; Vos, N.; Bais, J.; Van Der Post, J.; Mol, B.; Roseboom, T.; Leeflang, M.; Painter, R.
2014"Patient-centered fertility treatment": what is required?Fleur Dancet, E.; D'Hooghe, T.; Van Der Veen, F.; Bossuyt, P.; Sermeus, W.; Mol, B.; Repping, S.
2014Erratum to: Potential improvement of pregnancy outcome through prenatal small for gestational age detectionVoskamp, B.; Beemsterboer, D.; Verhoeven, C.; Oude Rengerink, K.; Ravelli, A.; Bakker, J.; Mol, B.; Pajkrt, E.
2014Correcting for the dependent competing risk of treatment using inverse probability of censoring weighting and copulas in the estimation of natural conception chancesvan Geloven, N.; Geskus, R.; Mol, B.; Zwinderman, A.
2014Weight loss in pregnancy and cardiometabolic profile in childhood: findings from a longitudinal birth cohortGrooten, I.; Painter, R.; Pontesilli, M.; van der Post, J.; Mol, B.; van Eijsden, M.; Vrijkotte, T.; Roseboom, T.
2014Association between weight gain during pregnancy and pregnancy outcomes after dietary and lifestyle interventions: a meta-analysisRuifrok, A.; Van Poppel, M.; Van Wely, M.; RogoziƄska, E.; Khan, K.; De Groot, C.; Thangaratinam, S.; Mol, B.