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2010Beperk benzodiazepinegebruik tijdens de zwangerschapWiegerinck, M.; Mol, B.
2010Estimating the risk of gestational diabetes mellitus: a clinical prediction model based on patient characteristics and medical historyvan Leeuwen, M.; Opmeer, B.; Zweers, E.; van Ballegooie, E.; ter Brugge, H.; de Valk, H.; Visser, G.; Mol, B.
2010Outcomes after internal versus external tocodynamometry for monitoring laborBakker, J.; Verhoeven, C.; Janssen, P.; van Lith, J.; van Oudgaarden, E.; Bloemenkamp, K.; Papatsonis, D.; Mol, B.; van der Post, J.
2010Multidisciplinary team training in a simulation setting for acute obstetric emergencies: a systematic reviewMerien, A.; van de Ven, J.; Mol, B.; Houterman, S.; Oei, S.
2010Diagnostic strategies for postmenopausal bleedingBreijer, M.; Timmermans, A.; van Doorn, H.; Mol, B.; Opmeer, B.
2010Artificial insemination: intrauterine inseminationSteures, P.; Mol, B.; van der Veen, F.; Carrell, D.; Peterson, C.
2010The accuracy of clinical parameters in the prediction of perinatal pulmonary hypoplasia secondary to midtrimester prelabour rupture of fetal membranes: a meta-analysisvan Teeffelen, S.; van der Ham, D.; Oei, S.; Porath, M.; Willekes, C.; Mol, B.
2010Time to pregnancy after a previous miscarriage in subfertile couplesCox, T.; van der Steeg, J.; Steures, P.; Hompes, P.; van der Veen, F.; Eijkemans, M.; Schagen van Leeuwen, J.; Renckens, C.; Bossuyt, P.; Mol, B.
2010Effectiveness of an e-learning course in evidence-based medicine for foundation (internship) trainingHadley, J.; Kulier, R.; Zamora, J.; Coppus, S.; Weinbrenner, S.; Meyerrose, B.; Decsi, T.; Horvath, A.; Nagy, E.; Emparanza, J.; Arvanitis, T.; Burls, A.; Cabello, J.; Kaczor, M.; Zanrei, G.; Pierer, K.; Kunz, R.; Wilkie, V.; Wall, D.; Mol, B.; et al.
2010Surgical treatment for tubal disease in women due to undergo in vitro fertilisationJohnson, N.; van Voorst, S.; Sowter, M.; Strandell, A.; Mol, B.