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20192H and 4H silver colloidal suspension synthesis, as a new potential drug carrierWojnicki, M.; Tokarski, T.; Hessel, V.; Fitzner, K.; Luty-Błocho, M.
2019Ultrathin nickel-cobalt inorganic-organic hydroxide hybrid nanobelts as highly efficient electrocatalysts for oxygen evolution reactionWang, Y.; Huang, L.; Ai, L.; Wang, M.; Fan, Z.; Jiang, J.; Sun, H.; Wang, S.
2019Tannic acid-Fe coordination derived Fe/N-doped carbon hybrids for catalytic oxidation processesYao, Y.; Yu, M.; Yin, H.; Wei, F.; Zhang, J.; Hu, H.; Wang, S.
2019Magnetite chemistry and implications for the magmatic-hydrothermal ore-forming process: an example from the Devonian Yuleken porphyry Cu system, NW ChinaWu, C.; Chen, H.; Hong, W.; Li, D.; Liang, P.; Fang, J.; Zhang, L.; Lai, C.
2019Role of oxygen vacancies and Mn sites in hierarchical Mn₂O₃/LaMnO₃-δ perovskite composites for aqueous organic pollutants decontaminationWang, Y.; Chen, L.; Cao, H.; Chi, Z.; Chen, C.; Duan, X.; Xie, Y.; Qi, F.; Song, W.; Liu, J.; Wang, S.
2019Refined age and geological context of two of Australia's most important Jurassic vertebrate taxa (Rhoetosaurus brownei and Siderops kehli), QueenslandTodd, C.; Roberts, E.; Knutsen, E.; Rozefelds, A.; Huang, H.; Spandler, C.
2019Trace element substitution and grain-scale compositional heterogeneity in enargiteLiu, W.; Cook, N.; Ciobanu, C.; Gilbert, S.
2019A new correlation between soot sheet width and soot volume fraction in turbulent non-premixed jet flamesMahmoud, S.; Lau, T.; Nathan, G.; Medwell, P.; Alwahabi, Z.; Dally, B.
2019Considering life-cycle environmental impacts and society's willingness for optimizing construction and demolition waste management fee: an empirical study of ChinaWang, J.; Wu, H.; Tam, V.W.; Zuo, J.
2019A comprehensive screening of copy number variability in dementia with Lewy bodiesKun-Rodrigues, C.; Orme, T.; Carmona, S.; Hernandez, D.G.; Ross, O.A.; Eicher, J.D.; Shepherd, C.; Parkkinen, L.; Darwent, L.; Heckman, M.G.; Scholz, S.W.; Troncoso, J.C.; Pletnikova, O.; Dawson, T.; Rosenthal, L.; Ansorge, O.; Clarimonm, J.; Lleo, A.; Morenas-Rodriguez, E.; Clark, L.; et al.