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2018Search for long-lived, massive particles in events with displaced vertices and missing transverse momentum in √s=13 TeV pp collisions with the ATLAS detectorAaboud, M.; Aad, G.; Abbott, B.; Abdinov, O.; Abeloos, B.; Abidi, S.; AbouZeid, O.; Abraham, N.; Abramowicz, H.; Abreu, H.; Abreu, R.; Abulaiti, Y.; Acharya, B.; Adachi, S.; Adamczyk, L.; Adelman, J.; Adersberger, M.; Adye, T.; Affolder, A.; Agatonovic-Jovin, T.; et al.
2018Nonlinear mechanical behaviour of microshellsFarokhi, H.; Ghayesh, M.
2018Nonlinear behaviour of electrically actuated microplate-based MEMS resonatorsGhayesh, M.; Farokhi, H.
2018Investigating the relative impact of key reservoir parameters on performance of coalbed methane reservoirs by an efficient statistical approachAkhondzadeh, H.; Keshavarz, A.; Sayyafzadeh, M.; Kalantariasl, A.
2018Highly defective layered double perovskite oxide for efficient energy storage via reversible pseudocapacitive oxygen-anion intercalationLiu, Y.; Wang, Z.; Veder, J.-P.M.; Xu, Z.; Zhong, Y.; Zhou, W.; Tade, M.O.; Wang, S.; Shao, Z.
2018Quantifying the societal cost of methamphetamine use to AustraliaTait, R.; Whetton, S.; Shanahan, M.; Cartwright, K.; Ferrante, A.; Gray, D.; Kaye, S.; McKetin, R.; Pidd, K.; Ritter, A.; Roche, A.; Allsop, S.
2018A Semi-analytical model for pressure-dependent permeability of tight sandstone reservoirsZhu, S.; Du, Z.; Li, C.; Salmachi, A.; Peng, X.; Wang, C.; Yue, P.; Deng, P.
2018The low-temperature thermo-tectonic evolution of the western Tian Shan, UzbekistanJepson, G.; Glorie, S.; Konopelko, D.; Mirkamalov, R.; Danisik, M.; Collins, A.
2018New evidence confirms Thomas Hannay as the first photographer of Naracoorte Caves and emphasises the importance of historical writing in cavesReed, E.; Bourne, S.
2018Influence of nanoscale structuralisation on the catalytic performance of ZIF-8: a cautionary surface catalysis studyLinder-Patton, O.; De Prinse, T.; Furukawa, S.; Bell, S.; Sumida, K.; Doonan, C.; Sumby, C.