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2016Depression screening after cardiac surgery: a six month longitudinal follow up for cardiac events, hospital readmissions, quality of life and mental healthTully, P.; Baumeister, H.; Bennetts, J.; Rice, G.; Baker, R.
2016Evaluating the drivers of Indo-Pacific biodiversity: speciation and dispersal of sea snakes (Elapidae: Hydrophiinae)Ukuwela, K.; Lee, M.; Rasmussen, A.; de Silva, A.; Mumpuni; Fry, B.; Ghezellou, P.; Rezaie-Atagholipour, M.; Sanders, K.
2016Switched fuzzy output feedback control and its application to mass-spring-damping systemLi, H.; Pan, Y.; Shi, P.; Shi, Y.
2016The effects of high steady state auxin levels on root cell elongation in brachypodiumPacheco-Villalobos, D.; Díaz-Moreno, S.; van der Schuren, A.; Tamaki, T.; Kang, Y.; Gujas, B.; Novak, O.; Jaspert, N.; Li, Z.; Wolf, S.; Oecking, C.; Ljung, K.; Bulone, V.; Hardtke, C.
2016Comprehensive study of volatile compounds in two Australian rosé wines: aroma extract dilution analysis (AEDA) of extracts prepared using solvent-assisted flavor evaporation (SAFE) or headspace solid-phase extraction (HS-SPE)Wang, J.; Gambetta, J.; Jeffery, D.
2016Horse injury during non-commercial transport: findings from researcher-assisted intercept surveys at Southeastern Australian equestrian eventsRiley, C.; Noble, B.; Bridges, J.; Hazel, S.; Thompson, K.
2016The Evolutionary Process of Image Transition in Conjunction with Box and Strip MutationNeumann, A.; Alexander, B.; Neumann, F.; Hirose, A.; Ozawa, S.; Doya, K.; Ikeda, K.; Lee, M.; Liu, D.; 23rd International Conference on Neural Information Processing (ICONIP) (16 Oct 2016 - 21 Oct 2016 : Kyoto, JAPAN)
2016Fc-γ receptor polymorphisms, cetuximab therapy, and survival in the NCIC CTG CO.17 trial of colorectal cancerLiu, G.; Tu, D.; Lewis, M.; Cheng, D.; Sullivan, L.; Chen, Z.; Morgen, E.; Simes, J.; Price, T.; Tebbutt, N.; Shapiro, J.; Jeffery, G.; Mellor, J.; Mikeska, T.; Virk, S.; Shepherd, L.; Jonker, D.; O'Callaghan, C.; Zalcberg, J.; Karapetis, C.; et al.
2016Gas to liquids: natural gas conversion to aromatic fuels and chemicals in a hydrogen-permeable ceramic hollow fiber membrane reactorXue, J.; Chen, Y.; Wei, Y.; Feldhoff, A.; Wang, H.; Caro, J.
2016Genetics, transcriptional profiles, and catalytic properties of the UDP-Arabinose mutase family from barleyHsieh, Y.; Zhang, Q.; Yap, K.; Shirley, N.; Lahnstein, J.; Nelson, C.; Burton, R.; Millar, A.; Bulone, V.; Fincher, G.