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2005Prevention of osteoporosis is still a valid aim for hormone therapySturdee, D.; MacLennan, A.
2005Pleural mesothelioma with extension into the thoracic spinal cordLee, A.; Nikitins, I.; Pozza, C.; Koblar, S.
2005The health of poor women under welfare reformKaplan, G.; Siefert, K.; Ranjit, N.; Raghunathan, T.; Young, E.; Tran, D.; Danziger, S.; Hudson, S.; Lynch, J.; Tolman, R.
2005Intrahepatic gene expression profiles and alpha-smooth muscle actin patterns in hepatitis C virus induced fibrosisLau, D.; Luxon, B.; Xiao, S.; Beard, M.; Lemon, S.
2005MLH1 germline epimutations as a factor in hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancerHitchins, M.; Williams, R.; Cheong, K.; Halani, N.; Lin, V.; Packham, D.; Ku, S.; Buckle, A.; Hawkins, N.; Burn, J.; Gallinger, S.; Goldblatt, J.; Kirk, J.; Tomlinson, I.; Scott, R.; Spigelman, A.; Suter, C.; Martin, D.; Suthers, G.; Ward, R.
2005Platelet nitrate responsiveness in fasting and postprandial type 2 diabetesAnderson, R.; Ellis, G.; Evans, L.; Morris, K.; Chirkov, Y.; Horowitz, J.; Jackson, S.; Rees, A.; Lewis, M.; Frenneaux, M.
2005Effect of calcium and dairy foods in high protein, energy-restricted diets on weight loss and metabolic parameters in overweight adultsBowen, J.; Noakes, M.; Clifton, P.
2005A randomized controlled trial of magnesium sulfate, in addition to usual care, for rate control in atrial fibrillationDavey, M.; Teubner, D.
2005Improving the learning needs survey by using four approachesAllan, J.; Schaefer, D.; Stocks, N.
2005Interacting effects of preoperative information and patient choice in adaptation to colonoscopyPearson, S.; Maddern, G.; Hewett, P.