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1984A simple model for testing the effects of gravity-wave-produced vertical-oscillations of scattering irregularities on spaced-antenna, horizontal drift measurementsMeek, C.; Reid, I.; URSI/SCOSTEP Workshop on Technical Aspects of MST Radar (2nd : 1984 : Urbana, IL, USA)
1988VHF radar measurements of momentum flux in the summer polar mesosphere over Andenes (69°N,16°E), NorwayReid, I.; Ruster, R.; Czechowsky, P.; Schmidt, G.
1989VHF radar echoes observed in the summer and winter polar mesosphere over Andøya, NorwayCzechowsky, P.; Reid, I.; Ruster, R.; Schmidt, G.
1988MF Doppler and spaced antenna measurements of upper middle atmosphere windsReid, I.
1987VHF radar observations of cat's-eye-like structures at mesospheric heightsReid, I.; Ruster, R.; Schmidt, G.
1985Observations of mesospheric wind velocities 2. Cross sections of power spectral density for 48–8 hours, 8–1 hours, and 1 hour to 10 min over 60–110 km for 1981Meek, C.; Reid, I.; Manson, A.
1986Gravity wave motions in the upper middle atmosphere (60-110 km)Reid, I.
1989First VHF radar measurements of mesopause summer echoes at mid-latitudesReid, I.; Czechowsky, P.; Ruster, R.; Schmidt, G.
1988VHF radar measurements of the aspect sensitivity of the summer polar mesopause echoes over Andenes (69°N,16°E), NorwayCzechowsky, P.; Reid, I.; Ruster, R.
1987Some aspects of Doppler radar measurements of the mean and fluctuating components of the wind field in the upper middle atmosphereReid, I.