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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2009Molecular variation among Chinese and global winter faba bean germplasmZong, X.; Liu, X.; Guan, J.; Wang, S.; Liu, Q.; Paull, J.; Redden, R.
2015Hydropolish: a controlled trial on a technique to eradicate residual cortical lens fibers in phacoemulsification cataract surgeryWang, S.; Quah, X.; Amjadi, S.; Tong, J.; Francis, I.
2014The use of google trends in health care research: a systematic reviewNuti, S.; Wayda, B.; Ranasinghe, I.; Wang, S.; Dreyer, R.; Chen, S.; Murugiah, K.; Voracek, M.
2006Mesenchymal stem cell-mediated functional tooth regeneration in swineSonoyama, W.; Liu, Y.; Fang, D.; Yamaza, T.; Seo, B.; Zhang, C.; Liu, H.; Gronthos, S.; Wang, C.; Shi, S.; Wang, S.
2016Genetically predicted longer telomere length is associated with increased risk of B-cell lymphoma subtypesMachiela, M.; Lan, Q.; Slager, S.; Vermeulen, R.; Teras, L.; Camp, N.; Cerhan, J.; Spinelli, J.; Wang, S.; Nieters, A.; Vijai, J.; Yeager, M.; Wang, Z.; Ghesquières, H.; McKay, J.; Conde, L.; de Bakker, P.; Cox, D.; Burdett, L.; Monnereau, A.; et al.
2017A novel series of N-(pyridin-2-yl)-4-(thiazol-5-yl)pyrimidin-2-amines as highly potent CDK4/6 inhibitorsTadesse, S.; Zhu, G.; Mekonnen, L.; Lenjisa, J.; Yu, M.; Brown, M.; Wang, S.
2012The cost of treating advanced non-small cell lung cancer: estimates from the Chinese experienceZeng, X.; Karnon, J.; Wang, S.; Wu, B.; Wan, X.; Peng, L.
2010Immunomodulatory properties of stem cells from human exfoliated deciduous teethYamaza, T.; Kentaro, A.; Chen, C.; Liu, Y.; Shi, Y.; Gronthos, S.; Wang, S.; Shi, S.
2019Cyclin-dependent kinase 2 inhibitors in cancer therapy: an updateTadesse, S.; Caldon, E.C.; Tilley, W.; Wang, S.