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2020Self-detoxifying hollow zinc silica nanospheres with tunable Ag ion release-recapture capability: a nanoantibiotic for efficient MRSA inhibitionWu, H.; Tian, H.; Li, J.; Liu, L.; Wang, Y.; Qiu, J.; Wang, S.; Liu, S.
2020Graphitic biochar catalysts from anaerobic digestion sludge for nonradical degradation of micropollutants and disinfectionChen, Y.; Duan, X.; Zhang, C.; Wang, S.; Ren, N.; Ho, S.
2020High-performance porous graphene from synergetic nitrogen doping and physical activation for advanced nonradical oxidationWu, D.; Song, W.; Chen, L.; Duan, X.; Xia, Q.; Fan, X.; Li, Y.; Zhang, F.; Peng, W.; Wang, S.
2020Rigorous and reliable operations for electrocatalytic nitrogen reductionShi, L.; Yin, Y.; Wang, S.; Xu, X.; Wu, H.; Zhang, J.; Wang, S.; Sun, H.
2020Magnetic ZnO@Fe₃O₄ composite for self-generated H₂O₂ toward photo-Fenton-like oxidation of nitrophenolLiu, Q.; Zhou, L.; Liu, L.; Li, J.; Wang, S.; Znad, H.; Liu, S.
2021Coupling hydrothermal and photothermal single-atom catalysis toward excellent water splitting to hydrogenLi, X.; Zhao, S.; Duan, X.; Zhang, H.; Yang, S.Z.; Zhang, P.; Jiang, S.P.; Liu, S.; Sun, H.; Wang, S.
2020Partial oxidation of methane to syngas in catalytic membrane reactor: role of catalyst oxygen vacanciesElbadawi, A.A.H.; Ge, L.; Zhang, J.; Zhuang, L.; Liu, S.; Tan, X.; Wang, S.; Zhu, Z.
2020Nano-Fe⁰ embedded in N-doped carbon architectures for enhanced oxidation of aqueous contaminantsYao, Y.; Yu, M.; Yin, H.; Zhang, Y.; Zheng, H.; Zhang, Y.; Wang, S.
2021An adsorption-catalysis pathway toward sustainable application of mesoporous carbon nanospheres for efficient environmental remediationAzhar, M.R.; Arafat, Y.; Zhong, Y.; Khiadani, M.; Tade, M.O.; Wang, S.; Shao, Z.
2020Surface engineering of hollow carbon nitride microspheres for efficient photoredox catalysisWang, S.; Zhao, H.; Zhao, X.; Zhang, J.; Ao, Z.; Dong, P.; He, F.; Wu, H.; Xu, X.; Shi, L.; Zhao, C.; Wang, S.; Sun, H.