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2019Tannic acid-Fe coordination derived Fe/N-doped carbon hybrids for catalytic oxidation processesYao, Y.; Yu, M.; Yin, H.; Wei, F.; Zhang, J.; Hu, H.; Wang, S.
2014Magnetic recoverable MnFe₂O₄ and MnFe₂O₄-graphene hybrid as heterogeneous catalysts of peroxymonosulfate activation for efficient degradation of aqueous organic pollutantsYao, Y.; Cai, Y.; Lu, F.; Wei, F.; Wang, X.; Wang, S.
2015Magnetic core-shell CuFe₂O₄@C₃N₄ hybrids for visible light photocatalysis of Orange IIYao, Y.; Lu, F.; Zhu, Y.; Wei, F.; Liu, X.; Lian, C.; Wang, S.
2018Ni⁰ encapsulated in N-doped carbon nanotubes for catalytic reduction of highly toxic hexavalent chromiumYao, Y.; Zhang, J.; Chen, H.; Yu, M.; Gao, M.; Hu, Y.; Wang, S.
2020Nano-Fe⁰ embedded in N-doped carbon architectures for enhanced oxidation of aqueous contaminantsYao, Y.; Yu, M.; Yin, H.; Zhang, Y.; Zheng, H.; Zhang, Y.; Wang, S.
2018Nitrogen-doped carbon encapsulating molybdenum carbide and nickel nanostructures loaded with PVDF membrane for hexavalent chromium reductionYao, Y.; Hu, Y.; Yu, M.; Lian, C.; Gao, M.; Zhang, J.; Li, G.; Wang, S.
2013Synthesis of magnetic cobalt nanoparticles anchored on graphene nanosheets and catalytic decomposition of orange IIYao, Y.; Xu, C.; Qin, J.; Wei, F.; Rao, M.; Wang, S.
2014Magnetic ZnFe₂O₄-C₃N₄ hybrid for photocatalytic degradation of aqueous organic pollutants by visible lightYao, Y.; Cai, Y.; Lu, F.; Qin, J.; Wei, F.; Xu, C.; Wang, S.
2014Facile synthesis of magnetic ZnFe₂O₄-reduced graphene oxide hybrid and its photo-Fenton-like behavior under visible iradiationYao, Y.; Qin, J.; Cai, Y.; Wei, F.; Lu, F.; Wang, S.
2018Activation of persulfates by catalytic nickel nanoparticles supported on N-doped carbon nanofibers for degradation of organic pollutants in waterYao, Y.; Zhang, J.; Gao, M.; Yu, M.; Hu, Y.; Cheng, Z.; Wang, S.