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2019A general strategy for in-situ fabrication of uniform carbon nanotubes on three-dimensional carbon architectures for electrochemical applicationHu, Z.; Peng, W.; Tian, W.; Wang, F.; Kang, X.; Zhang, Y.X.; Yue, H.; Zhang, L.; Ji, J.; Wang, S.
2018Co@C/CoOx coupled with N-doped layer-structured carbons for excellent CO₂ capture and oxygen reduction reactionZhang, H.; Tian, W.; Qian, Z.; Ouyang, T.; Saunders, M.; Qin, J.; Wang, S.; Tadé, M.; Sun, H.
2018Bread-making synthesis of hierarchically Co@C nanoarchitecture in heteroatom doped porous carbons for oxidative degradation of emerging contaminantsTian, W.; Zhang, H.; Qian, Z.; Ouyang, T.; Sun, H.; Qin, J.; Tadé, M.; Wang, S.
20180D (MoS₂)/2D (g-C₃N₄) heterojunctions in Z-scheme for enhancedphotocatalytic and electrochemical hydrogen evolutionLiu, Y.; Zhang, H.; Ke, J.; Zhang, J.; Tian, W.; Xu, X.; Duan, X.; Sun, H.; O Tade, M.; Wang, S.
2018One-step synthesis of flour-derived functional nanocarbons with hierarchical pores for versatile environmental applicationsTian, W.; Zhang, H.; Sun, H.; Tadé, M.; Wang, S.
2018Dual-metal zeolitic imidazolate frameworks and their derived nanoporous carbons for multiple environmental and electrochemical applicationsLiang, P.; Wang, Q.; Kang, J.; Tian, W.; Sun, H.; Wang, S.
2016Flower-like cobalt hydroxide/oxide on graphitic carbon nitride for visible-light-driven water oxidationZhang, H.; Tian, W.; Guo, X.; Zhou, L.; Sun, H.; Tadé, M.; Wang, S.
2016Heteroatom (N or N-S)-doping induced layered and honeycomb microstructures of porous carbons for CO₂ capture and energy applicationsTian, W.; Zhang, H.; Sun, H.; Suvorova, A.; Saunders, M.; Tade, M.; Wang, S.
2017Oxygen vacancies in shape controlled Cu₂O/reduced graphene oxide/In₂O₃ hybrid for promoted photocatalytic water oxidation and degradation of environmental pollutantsLiu, J.; Ke, J.; Li, D.; Sun, H.; Liang, P.; Duan, X.; Tian, W.; Tadé, M.; Liu, S.; Wang, S.
2018Heterostructured WO₃@CoWO₄ bilayer nanosheets for enhanced visible-light photo, electro and photoelectro-chemical oxidation of waterZhang, H.; Tian, W.; Li, Y.; Sun, H.; Tadé, M.; Wang, S.