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2018Nitrogen-doped bamboo-like carbon nanotubes with Ni encapsulation for persulfate activation to remove emerging contaminants with excellent catalytic stabilityKang, J.; Duan, X.; Wang, C.; Sun, H.; Tan, X.; Tade, M.; Wang, S.
2018Metal-free activation of persulfate by cubic mesoporous carbons for catalytic oxidation via radical and nonradical processesDuan, X.; Sun, H.; Tade, M.; Wang, S.
2017An insight into metal organic framework derived N-doped graphene for the oxidative degradation of persistent contaminants: formation mechanism and generation of singlet oxygen from peroxymonosulfateLiang, P.; Zhang, C.; Duan, X.; Sun, H.; Liu, S.; Tade, M.; Wang, S.
2016Size-tailored porous spheres of manganese oxides for catalytic oxidation via peroxymonosulfate activationLiu, Q.; Duan, X.; Sun, H.; Wang, Y.; Tade, M.; Wang, S.
2014Less is more, greener microbial synthesis of silver nanoparticlesLiu, L.; Liu, T.; Tade, M.; Wang, S.; Li, X.; Liu, S.
2017Size dependence of uniformed carbon spheres in promoting graphitic carbon nitride toward enhanced photocatalysisLiu, S.; Ke, J.; Sun, H.; Liu, J.; Tade, M.; Wang, S.
2015Novel polyoxometalate@g-C₃N₄ hybrid photocatalysts for degradation of dyes and phenolicsHe, J.; Sun, H.; Indrawirawan, S.; Duan, X.; Tade, M.; Wang, S.
2017Facile assembly of Bi₂O₃/Bi₂S₃/MoS₂ n-p heterojunction with layered n-Bi₂O₃ and p-MoS₂ for enhanced photocatalytic water oxidation and pollutant degradationKe, J.; Liu, J.; Sun, H.; Zhang, H.; Duan, X.; Liang, P.; Li, X.; Tade, M.; Liu, S.; Wang, S.
2016Integrated oxygen-doping and dye sensitization of graphitic carbon nitride for enhanced visible light photodegradationLiu, S.; Sun, H.; Ang, H.; Tade, M.; Wang, S.
2012Nanosize Zr-metal organic framework (UiO-66) for hydrogen and carbon dioxide storageAbid, H.; Tian, H.; Ang, H.; Tade, M.; Buckley, C.; Wang, S.