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2016Functionalized UiO-66 by single and binary (OH)₂ and NO₂ groups for uptake of CO₂ and CH₄Rada, Z.; Abid, H.; Shang, J.; Sun, H.; He, Y.; Webley, P.; Liu, S.; Wang, S.
2018Design of metallic nickel hollow fiber membrane modules for pure hydrogen separationLi, Y.; Zhang, M.; Chu, Y.; Tan, X.; Gao, J.; Wang, S.; Liu, S.
2020Self-detoxifying hollow zinc silica nanospheres with tunable Ag ion release-recapture capability: a nanoantibiotic for efficient MRSA inhibitionWu, H.; Tian, H.; Li, J.; Liu, L.; Wang, Y.; Qiu, J.; Wang, S.; Liu, S.
2018Effects of -NO₂ and -NH₂ functional groups in mixed-linker Zr-based MOFs on gas adsorption of CO₂ and CH₄Rada, Z.; Abid, H.; Sun, H.; Shang, J.; Li, J.; He, Y.; Liu, S.; Wang, S.
2017Nanoformulated antimicrobial agents for central nervous system infectionsZhang, S.; Chen, Y.; Liang, J.; Wang, S.; Liu, L.; Liu, S.
2016Photocatalysis of C, N-doped ZnO derived from ZIF-8 for dye degradation and water oxidationLiang, P.; Zhang, C.; Sun, H.; Liu, S.; Tadé, M.; Wang, S.
2017An insight into metal organic framework derived N-doped graphene for the oxidative degradation of persistent contaminants: formation mechanism and generation of singlet oxygen from peroxymonosulfateLiang, P.; Zhang, C.; Duan, X.; Sun, H.; Liu, S.; Tade, M.; Wang, S.
2020Magnetic ZnO@Fe₃O₄ composite for self-generated H₂O₂ toward photo-Fenton-like oxidation of nitrophenolLiu, Q.; Zhou, L.; Liu, L.; Li, J.; Wang, S.; Znad, H.; Liu, S.
2014Less is more, greener microbial synthesis of silver nanoparticlesLiu, L.; Liu, T.; Tade, M.; Wang, S.; Li, X.; Liu, S.
2017Size dependence of uniformed carbon spheres in promoting graphitic carbon nitride toward enhanced photocatalysisLiu, S.; Ke, J.; Sun, H.; Liu, J.; Tade, M.; Wang, S.