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2006The timing of ultrahigh-temperature metamorphism in Southern India: U-Th-Pb electron microprobe ages from zircon and monazite in sapphirine-bearing granulitesSantosh, M.; Collins, A.; Tamashiro, I.; Koshimoto, S.; Tsutsumi, Y.; Yokoyama, K.
2009SHRIMP U-Pb age constraints on magmatism and high-grade metamorphism in the Salem Block, southern IndiaClark, C.; Collins, A.; Timms, N.; Kinny, P.; Chetty, T.; Santosh, M.
2005Late neoproterozoic-cambrian felsic magmatism along transcrustal shear zones in Southern India: u-pb electron microprobe ages and implications for the amalgamation of the Gondwana supercontinentSantosh, M.; Tanaka, K.; Yokoyama, K.; Collins, A.
2007Passage through India: the Mozambique Ocean suture, high-pressure granulites and the Palghat-Cauvery shear zone systemCollins, A.; Clark, C.; Sajeev, K.; Santosh, M.; Kelsey, D.; Hand, M.
2005Depositional constraints and age of metamorphism in southern India: U-Pb chemical (EMPA) and isotopic (SIMS) ages from the Trivandrum BlockSantosh, M.; Collins, A.; Morimoto, T.; Yokoyama, K.
2006U-Pb electron probe geochronology of the Nagercoil granulites, Southern India: Implications for Gondwana amalgamationSantosh, M.; Tagawa, M.; Yokoyama, K.; Collins, A.
2006Extreme crustal metamorphism during Columbia supercontinent assembly: evidence from North China CratonSantosh, M.; Sajeev, K.; Li, J.
2003Gemstone mineralization in the palghat-cauvery shear zone system (Karur-Kangayam Belt), Southern IndiaSantosh, M.; Collins, A.
2006The Mozambique ocean suture in southern India: Age and significance of granulites in the Palghat-Cauvery shear zone systemCollins, A.; Clark, C.; Santosh, M.; Sajeev, K.; Kropinski, K.; McKenzie, S.; Hand, M.; Kinny, P.; Australian Earth Science Convention (2006 : Melbourne, Australia)
2006Coupling accessory mineral chemistry and geochronology with calculated phase diagrams: An example from the UHT Palghat Cauvery shear system Southern IndiaClark, C.; Collins, A.; Wade, B.; Kelsey, D.; Payne, J.; Santosh, M.; Hand, M.; Granulites and Granulites (2006: Brazil)