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2012Petrology and geochronology of the Namche Barwa Complex in the eastern Himalayan syntaxis, Tibet: constraints on the origin and evolution of the north-eastern margin of the Indian CratonZhang, Z.; Dong, X.; Santosh, M.; Liu, F.; Wang, W.; Yiu, F.; He, Z.; Shen, K.
2014Neoarchean continental growth through arc magmatism in the Nilgiri Block, southern IndiaSamuel, V.; Santosh, M.; Liu, S.; Wang, W.; Sajeev, K.
2014Archean-Paleoproterozoic crustal evolution in the eastern North China Craton: zircon U-Th-Pb and Lu-Hf evidence from the Jiaobei terraneWang, W.; Zhai, M.; Li, T.; Santosh, M.; Zhao, L.; Wang, H.
2012Early Palaeozoic high-pressure granulites from the Dunhuang block, northeastern Tarim Craton: constraints on continental collision in the southern Central Asian Orogenic BeltZong, K.; Zhang, Z.; He, Z.; Hu, Z.; Santosh, M.; Liu, Y.; Wang, W.
2017Geochronology and geochemistry of Neoarchean granitoids from the western Shandong Province, North China Craton, implications for crustal evolution and cratonizationWang, W.; Zhang, X.; Wang, S.; Santosh, M.
2015Neoarchean intra-oceanic arc system in the Western Liaoning Province: implications for early Precambrian crustal evolution in the Eastern Block of the North China CratonWang, W.; Liu, S.; Santosh, M.; Wang, G.; Bai, X.; Guo, R.
2015Anatomy of zircon growth in high pressure granulites: SIMS U-Pb geochronology and Lu-Hf isotopes from the Jiaobei Terrane, eastern North China CratonZhao, L.; Li, T.; Peng, P.; Guo, J.; Wang, W.; Wang, H.; Santosh, M.; Zhai, M.
2016Chronology and tectonic implications of Neoproterozoic blocks in the South Qinling Orogenic Belt, Central ChinaHu, F.; Liu, S.; Santosh, M.; Deng, Z.; Wang, W.; Zhang, W.; Yan, M.
2013Crustal reworking in the North China Craton at ∼2.5Ga: evidence from zircon U-Pb age, Hf isotope and whole rock geochemistry of the felsic volcano-sedimentary rocks from the western Shandong ProvinceWang, W.; Zhai, M.; Wang, S.; Santosh, M.; Du, L.; Xie, H.; Lv, B.; Wan, Y.
20151.23 Ga mafic dykes in the North China Craton and their implications for the reconstruction of the Columbia supercontinentWang, W.; Liu, S.; Santosh, M.; Zhang, L.; Bai, X.; Zhao, Y.; Zhang, S.; Guo, R.