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2003Mapping and ablation of ventricular fibrillation associated with long-QT and Brugada syndromesHaissaguerre, M.; Extramiana, F.; Hocini, M.; Cauchemez, B.; Jais, P.; Cabrera, J.; Farre, G.; Leenhardt, A.; Sanders, P.; Scavee, C.; Hsu, L.; Weerasooriya, R.; Shah, D.; Frank, R.; Maury, P.; Delay, M.; Garrigue, S.; Clementy, J.
2003Effect of chronic right atrial stretch on atrial electrical remodeling in patients with an atrial septal defectMorton, J.; Sanders, P.; Vohra, J.; Sparks, P.; Morgan, J.; Spence, S.; Grigg, L.; Kalman, J.
2003Electrical remodeling of the atria in congestive heart failure: electrophysiological and electroanatomic mapping in humansSanders, P.; Morton, J.; Davidson, N.; Spence, S.; Vohra, J.; Sparks, P.; Kalman, J.
2003Catheter ablation of ventricular fibrillation in structurally normal hearts targeting the RVOT and Purkinje ectopyWeerasooriya, R.; Hsu, L.; Scavee, C.; Sanders, P.; Hocini, M.; Cabrera, J.; Horlitz, M.; Schley, P.; Guelker, H.; Jais, P.; Haissaguerre, M.
2003Accessory pathway in left inferoposterior diverticulum masquerading as left posterior pathway due to conduction over coronary sinus to left atrium connectionHussin, A.; Sanders, P.; Kistler, P.; Sparks, P.; Kalman, J.
2003Reverse remodeling of sinus node function after catheter ablation of atrial fibrillation in patients with prolonged sinus pausesHocini, M.; Sanders, P.; Deisenhofer, I.; Jais, P.; Hsu, L.; Scavee, C.; Weerasooriya, R.; Raybaud, F.; MacLe, L.; Shah, D.; Garrigue, S.; Le Metayer, P.; Clementy, J.; Haissaguerre, M.
2003Reversal of atrial mechanical dysfunction after cardioversion of atrial fibrillation: implications for the mechanisms of tachycardia-mediated atrial cardiomyopathySanders, P.; Morton, J.; Kistler, P.; Vohra, J.; Kalman, J.; Sparks, P.
2003Electrophysiological and electrocardiographic characteristics of focal atrial tachycardia originating from the pulmonary veins: acute and long-term outcomes of radiofrequency ablationKistler, P.; Sanders, P.; Fynn, S.; Stevenson, I.; Hussin, A.; Vohra, J.; Sparks, P.; Kalman, J.
2003Early appearance of an edematous tissue reaction during left atrial linear ablation using intracardiac echo imagingWeerasooriya, R.; Jais, P.; Sanders, P.; Scavee, C.; Hsu, L.; Hocini, M.; Clementy, J.; Haissaguerre, M.
2003Focal atrial tachycardia arising from the mitral annulus: Electrocardiographic and electrophysiologic characterizationKistler, P.; Sanders, P.; Hussin, A.; Morton, J.; Vohra, J.; Sparks, P.; Kalman, J.