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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013South Australian farmers' markets: tools for enhancing the multifunctionality of Australian agricultureFielke, S.; Bardsley, D.
1999Probabilistic optimization for conceptual rainfall-runoff models: a comparison of the shuffled complex evolution and simulated annealing algorithmsThyer, M.; Kuczera, G.; Bates, B.
2003A hidden Markov model for modelling long-term persistence in multi-site rainfall time series. 2. Real data analysisThyer, M.; Kuczera, G.
2013Allocating water and maintaining springs in the Great Artesian Basin. Volume IV. Spatial survey and remote sensing of artesian springs of the western Great Artesian BasinLewis, M.; White, D.; Gotch, T.
2013Climate driver informed short-term drought risk evaluationHenley, B.; Thyer, M.; Kuczera, G.
2013Assessing vulnerability and framing adaptive options of two Mediterranean wine growing regions facing climate change: Roussillon (France) and McLaren Vale (Australia)Lereboullet, A.; Bardsley, D.; Beltrando, G.
2012The central role of dispersal in the maintenance and persistence of seagrass populationsKendrick, G.; Waycott, M.; Carruthers, T.; Cambridge, M.; Hovey, R.; Krauss, S.; Lavery, P.; Les, D.; Lowe, R.; Mascaro I Vidal, O.; Ooi, J.; Orth, R.; Rivers, D.; Ruiz-Montoya, L.; Sinclair, E.; Statton, J.; van Dijk, J.; Verduin, J.
2013Evaluation of remote sensing approachesLewis, M.; White, D.; National Water Commission
2013Characterising spring groupsWhite, D.; Gotch, T.; Alaak, Y.; Clark, M.; Ryan, J.; Lewis, M.; Lewis, M.; White, D.; Gotch, T.; National Water Commission