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2020Reduced impact of endovascular thrombectomy on disability in real-world practice, relative to randomized controlled trial evidence in AustraliaGao, L.; Tan, E.; Moodie, M.; Parsons, M.; Spratt, N.J.; Levi, C.; Butcher, K.; Kleinig, T.; Yan, B.; Chen, C.; Lin, L.; Choi, P.; Bivard, A.
2020Multifunctional roles of the actin-binding protein Flightless I in inflammation, cancer and wound healingStrudwick, X.L.; Cowin, A.J.
2021Robust Discrete-Time Flight Control of UAV with External DisturbancesShao, S.; Chen, M.; Shi, P.
2021A two-dimensional asymptotic model for capillary collapseStokes, Y.M.
2021The future of sensitivity analysis: an essential discipline for systems modeling and policy supportRazavi, S.; Jakeman, A.; Saltelli, A.; Prieur, C.; Iooss, B.; Borgonovo, E.; Plischke, E.; Lo Piano, S.; Iwanaga, T.; Becker, W.; Tarantola, S.; Guillaume, J.H.A.; Jakeman, J.; Gupta, H.; Melillo, N.; Rabitti, G.; Chabridon, V.; Duan, Q.; Sun, X.; Smith, S.; et al.
2020MobileFAN: transferring deep hidden representation for face alignmentZhao, Y.; Liu, Y.; Shen, C.; Gao, Y.; Xiong, S.
2021Zircon petrochronology and mineral equilibria of the eclogites from western Tasmania: Interrogating the early Palaeozoic East Gondwana subduction recordBrown, D.A.; Hand, M.; Morrissey, L.J.
2020Carlin-style gold province linked to the extinct Emeishan plumeZhu, J.; Zhang, Z.; Santosh, M.; Jin, Z.
2020Artificial neural network based hybrid modeling approach for flood inundation modelingXie, S.; Wu, W.; Mooser, S.; Wang, Q.J.; Nathan, R.; Huang, Y.
2021A multiple-lines-of-evidence approach for prioritising environmental watering of wetland and floodplain treesWallace, T.A.; Gehrig, S.L.; Doody, T.M.; Davies, M.J.; Walsh, R.; Fulton, C.; Cullen, R.; Nolan, M.