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2020Design and structural optimization of novel 2H-benzo[h]chromene derivatives that target AcrB and reverse bacterial multidrug resistanceWang, Y.; Alenazy, R.; Gu, X.; Polyak, S.W.; Zhang, P.; Sykes, M.J.; Zhang, N.; Venter, H.; Ma, S.
2021Before and Now: Arrkurla nakala, kurunga lyaata-ntamaCarty, J.
2020PYKAT: Python package for modelling precision optical interferometersBrown, D.D.; Jones, P.; Rowlinson, S.; Leavey, S.; Green, A.C.; Töyrä, D.; Freise, A.
2020Effectiveness of sorting tests for detecting cognitive decline in older adults with dementia and other common neurodegenerative disorders: A meta-analysisForan, A.M.; Mathias, J.; Bowden, S.
2020French migrant writing in Australia: Australianness in two female memoirs from the 2000sEdwards, N.; Hogarth, C.
2020Ecological dynamic equilibrium in an early Miocene (21.73 Ma) forest, EthiopiaCurrano, E.; Jacobs, B.; Bush, R.; Novello, A.; Feseha, M.; Grímsson, F.; McInerney, F.; Michel, L.; Pan, A.; Phelps, S.; Polissar, P.; Strömberg, C.; Tabor, N.
2021Recent advances in spinel-type electrocatalysts for bifunctional oxygen reduction and oxygen evolution reactionsLiu, X.M.; Cui, X.; Dastafkan, K.; Wang, H.F.; Tang, C.; Zhao, C.; Chen, A.; He, C.; Han, M.; Zhang, Q.
2021Assessing the role of self-control and technology access on adolescent sexting and sext disseminationHolt, K.M.; Holt, T.J.; Cale, J.; Brewer, R.; Goldsmith, A.
2021Magnetically steerable iron oxides-manganese dioxide core-shell micromotors for organic and microplastic removalsYe, H.; Wang, Y.; Liu, X.; Xu, D.; Yuan, H.; Sun, H.; wang, S.; Ma, X.
2020Childhood infections, vaccinations, and tonsillectomy and risk of first clinical diagnosis of CNS demyelination in the Ausimmune StudyHughes, A.M.; Ponsonby, A.L.; Dear, K.; Dwyer, T.; Taylor, B.V.; van der Mei, I.; Valery, P.C.; Lucas, R.M.