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2020Discourses within the roles of Remote Area Nurses in Northern Territory (Australia) government-run health clinicsBourke, L.; Dunbar, T.; Murakami-Gold, L.
2021Early developmental screening and intervention for high-risk neonates - from research to clinical benefitsSpittle, A.J.; Anderson, P.J.; Tapawan, S.J.; Doyle, L.W.; Cheong, J.L.Y.
2020Distributed multi-object tracking under limited field of view sensorsNguyen, H.V.; Rezatofighi, H.; Vo, B.-N.; Ranasinghe, D.C.
2021Protocadherin 19 clustering epilepsy and neurosteroids: opportunities for interventionde Nys, R.; Kumar, R.; Gecz, J.
2021Early versus delayed introduction of human milk fortification in enterally fed preterm infants: a systematic review and meta-analysisHilditch, C.; Keir, A.; Collins, C.T.; Middleton, P.; Gomersall, J.
2021Effects of steam on the kinetics of calcium carbonate calcinationSilakhori, M.; Jafarian, M.; Chinnici, A.; Saw, W.; Venkataraman, M.; Lipiński, W.; Nathan, G.J.
2021Dissipativity-based sliding-mode control of cyber-physical systems under denial-of-service attacksMa, R.; Shi, P.; Wu, L.
2021Design guidelines for collimating or focusing graded-index fiber tipsRiesen, N.; Phillips, N.; Lancaster, D.G.
2021Drug repurposing: misconceptions, challenges, and opportunities for academic researchersBegley, C.G.; Ashton, M.; Baell, J.; Bettess, M.; Brown, M.P.; Carter, B.; Charman, W.N.; Davis, C.; Fisher, S.; Frazer, I.; Gautam, A.; Jennings, M.P.; Kearney, P.; Keeffe, E.; Kelly, D.; Lopez, A.F.; McGuckin, M.; Parker, M.W.; Rayner, C.; Roberts, B.; et al.
2021The Golden Gift of Groundwater in Australia’s MDBAdamson, D.; Auricht, C.; Loch, A.; UNESCO; UNESCRO i_WSSM