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2021Effectiveness of antenatal corticosteroids at term: can we trust the data that ‘inform’ us?Mol, B.W.; Li, W.; Lai, S.; Stock, S.
2020A picture is worth a thousand words: the effect of viewing celebrity Instagram images with disclaimer and body positive captions on women's body imageBrown, Z.; Tiggemann, M.
2020Can we blame fathers who are obese peri-conception, for increasing chronic disease risk in children?McPherson, N.O.
2020Associations between area socioeconomic status, individual mental health, physical activity, diet and change in cardiometabolic risk amongst a cohort of Australian adults: a longitudinal path analysisCarroll, S.J.; Dale, M.J.; Niyonsenga, T.; Taylor, A.W.; Daniel, M.
2020Occupational and environmental risk factors for idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis in Australia: case-control studyAbramson, M.J.; Murambadoro, T.; Alif, S.M.; Benke, G.P.; Dharmage, S.C.; Glaspole, I.; Hopkins, P.; Hoy, R.F.; Klebe, S.; Moodley, Y.; Rawson, S.; Reynolds, P.N.; Wolfe, R.; Corte, T.J.; Walters, E.H.
2021Desmopressin as a novel long-term treatment in postural tachycardia syndrome patients with polyuriaSeeley, M.-C.; Thynne, T.R.; Braund, W.J.; Worthley, D.L.; Gallagher, C.; Sanders, P.; Lau, D.H.
2020The gene encoding the ketogenic enzyme HMGCS2 displays a unique expression during gonad development in miceBagheri-Fam, S.; Chen, H.; Wilson, S.; Ayers, K.; Hughes, J.; Sloan-Bena, F.; Calvel, P.; Robevska, G.; Puisac, B.; Kusz-Zamelczyk, K.; Gimelli, S.; Spik, A.; Jaruzelska, J.; Warenik-Szymankiewicz, A.; Faradz, S.; Nef, S.; Pié, J.; Thomas, P.; Sinclair, A.; Wilhelm, D.
2020Prospective Longitudinal Evaluation of Nascent Geographic Atrophy in Age-Related Macular Degeneration.Wu, Z.; Luu, C.D.; Hodgson, L.A.B.; Caruso, E.; Tindill, N.; Aung, K.Z.; McGuinness, M.B.; Makeyeva, G.; Chen, F.K.; Chakravarthy, U.; Arnold, J.J.; Heriot, W.J.; Durkin, S.R.; Guymer, R.H.
2020Parenthood and pregnancy in Australians receiving treatment for end-stage kidney disease: protocol of a national study of perinatal and parental outcomes through population record linkage.Hewawasam, E.; Gulyani, A.; Davies, C.E.; Sullivan, E.; Wark, S.; Clayton, P.A.; McDonald, S.P.; Jesudason, S.
2021Increased incidence of childhood mental disorders following exposure to early life infectionGreen, M.J.; Watkeys, O.J.; Whitten, T.; Thomas, C.; Kariuki, M.; Dean, K.; Laurens, K.R.; Harris, F.; Carr, V.J.