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2020SOX3 promotes generation of committed spermatogonia in postnatal mouse testesMcAninch, D.; Mäkelä, J.-A.; La, H.M.; Hughes, J.N.; Lovell-Badge, R.; Hobbs, R.M.; Thomas, P.Q.
2020Ecdysone controlled cell and tissue deletionXu, T.; Jiang, X.; Denton, D.; Kumar, S.
2020Software for quantifying and batch processing images of brn3a and rbpms immunolabelled retinal ganglion cells in retinal wholemountsGuymer, C.; Damp, L.; Chidlow, G.; Wood, J.; Tang, Y.F.; Casson, R.
2021Semisynthesis and biological evaluation of a focused library of unguinol derivatives as next-generation antibioticsMorshed, M.T.; Nguyen, H.T.; Vuong, D.; Crombie, A.; Lacey, E.; Ogunniyi, A.D.; Page, S.W.; Trott, D.J.; Piggott, A.M.
2020Extinction of eastern Sahul megafauna coincides with sustained environmental deteriorationHocknull, S.A.; Lewis, R.; Arnold, L.J.; Pietsch, T.; Joannes-Boyau, R.; Price, G.J.; Moss, P.; Wood, R.; Dosseto, A.; Louys, J.; Olley, J.; Lawrence, R.A.
2020MicroRNA miR-155 is required for expansion of regulatory T cells to mediate robust pregnancy tolerance in miceSchjenken, J.E.; Moldenhauer, L.M.; Zhang, B.; Care, A.S.; Groome, H.M.; Chan, H.Y.; Hope, C.M.; Barry, S.C.; Robertson, S.A.
2020Pharmacologically targetable vulnerability in prostate cancer carrying RB1-SUCLA2 deletionKohno, S.; Linn, P.; Nagatani, N.; Watanabe, Y.; Kumar, S.; Soga, T.; Takahashi, C.
2020Disentangling the paradox of the PCDH19 clustering epilepsy, a disorder of cellular mosaicsGecz, J.; Thomas, P.Q.
2020Comments on proteomic investigations of two Pakistani Naja snake venoms species unravel the venom complexity, posttranslational modifications, and presence of extracellular vesicles. toxins 2020, 12, 669Tasoulis, T.; Pukala, T.L.; Isbister, G.K.
2020Platelets disrupt vasculogenic mimicry by cancer cellsMartini, C.; Thompson, E.J.; Hyslop, S.R.; Cockshell, M.P.; Dale, B.J.; Ebert, L.M.; Woods, A.E.; Josefsson, E.C.; Bonder, C.S.