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2018Perceptions, risk attitude and organic fertilizer investment: evidence from rice and banana farmers in Guangxi, ChinaChen, X.; Zeng, D.; Xu, Y.; Fan, X.
2016Greater bed- and wake-time variability is associated with less healthy lifestyle behaviors: a cross-sectional studyDuncan, M.J.; Kline, C.E.; Rebar, A.L.; Vandelanotte, C.; Short, C.E.
2019Exploring the drivers of irrigator mental health in the Murray-Darling Basin, AustraliaDaghagh Yazd, S.; Wheeler, S.A.; Zuo, A.
2018Application of blockchain technology in sustainable energy systems: an overviewWu, J.; Tran, N.K.
2016Impacts of mining and urbanization on the Qin-Ba mountainous environment, ChinaXu, X.; Cai, H.; Sun, D.; Hu, L.; Banson, K.E.
2019Powder metallurgy synthesis of Heusler Alloys: effects of process parametersAhamed Khan, R.; Ghomashchi, R.; Xie, Z.; Chen, L.
2017(Dis)Trust, control, and project success: from a Chinese project owner's perspectiveJiang, W.; Zhao, X.; Zuo, J.
2017Relationship between vascular resistance and sympathetic nerve fiber density in arterial vessels in children with sleep disordered breathingKontos, A.; Lushington, K.; Martin, J.; Schwarz, Q.; Green, R.; Wabnitz, D.; Xu, X.; Sokoya, E.; Willoughby, S.; Baumert, M.; Ferrante, A.; La Forgia, M.; Kennedy, D.
2016Influence of sympathetic activity in the control of peripheral microvascular tone in preterm infantsCorbisier De Meautsart, C.; Dyson, R.M.; Latter, J.L.; Berry, M.J.; Clifton, V.L.; Wright, I.M.R.
2018Greenhouse gas emissions embodied in the Chinese international trade of computer productsLee, L.C.; Wang, Y.; Yan, Y.; Zuo, J.