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2017Alcohol management plans in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (Indigenous) Australian communities in Queensland: community residents have experienced favourable impacts but also suffered unfavourable onesClough, A.; Margolis, S.; Miller, A.; Shakeshaft, A.; Doran, C.; McDermott, R.; Sanson-Fisher, R.; Ypinazar, V.; Martin, D.; Robertson, J.; Fitts, M.; Bird, K.; Honorato, B.; Towle, S.; West, C.
2016A study of code design skills in novice programmers using the SOLO taxonomyIzu, C.; Weerasinghe, A.; Pope, C.; Sheard, J.; Tenenberg, J.; Chinn, D.; Dorn, B.; 2016 ACM Conference on International Computing Education Research (ICER'16) (8 Sep 2016 - 12 Sep 2016 : Melbourne, Australia)
2016Biomarkers of inflammation and risk of cardiovascular events in anticoagulated patients with atrial fibrillationHijazi, Z.; Aulin, J.; Andersson, U.; Alexander, J.; Gersh, B.; Granger, C.; Hanna, M.; Horowitz, J.; Hylek, E.; Lopes, R.; Siegbahn, A.; Wallentin, L.
2017BMP15 mutations associated with primary ovarian insufficiency reduce expression, activity, or synergy with gdf9Patino, L.; Walton, K.; Mueller, T.; Johnson, K.; Stocker, W.; Richani, D.; Agapiou, D.; Gilchrist, R.; Laissue, P.; Harrison, C.
2016A new genus and twenty new species of Australian jumping plant-lice (Psylloidea: Triozidae) from Eremophila and Myoporum (Scrophulariaceae: Myoporeae)Taylor, G.; Fagan-Jeffries, E.; Austin, A.
2019Modal analysis of a submerged spherical point absorber with asymmetric mass distributionMeng, F.; Ding, B.; Cazzolato, B.; Arjomandi, M.
2018Coal waste to two-dimensional materials: fabrication of α-Fe₂O₃ nanosheets and MgO nanosheets from brown coal fly ashQian, B.; Hosseini, T.; Zhang, X.; Liu, Y.; Wang, H.; Zhang, L.
2015Neutral and relative valueCullity, G.; Olson, J.; Hirose, I.
2018BCR-ABL1 genomic DNA PCR response kinetics during first-line imatinib treatment of chronic myeloid leukemiaPagani, I.S.; Dang, P.; Kommers, I.O.; Goyne, J.M.; Nicola, M.; Saunders, V.A.; Braley, J.; White, D.L.; Yeung, D.T.; Branford, S.; Hughes, T.P.; Ross, D.M.
2017Client and facility level determinants of quality of care in family planning services in Ethiopia: multilevel modellingTessema, G.; Mahmood, M.; Gomersall, J.; Assefa, Y.; Zemedu, T.; Kifle, M.; Laurence, C.