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2019Detrital zircon U-Pb and Hf isotope characteristics of the Early Neoproterozoic successions in the central-western Korean Peninsula: implication for the Precambrian tectonic history of East AsiaWon Kim, S.; Kwon, S.; Santosh, M.; Cho, D.; Kee, W.; Lee, S.; Jeong, Y.
2019Microbial functional diversity and carbon use feedback in soils as affected by heavy metalsXu, Y.; Seshadri, B.; Bolan, N.; Sarkar, B.; Ok, Y.; Zhang, W.; Rumpel, C.; Sparks, D.; Farrell, M.; Hall, T.; Dong, Z.
2019Fines migration in geothermal reservoirs: laboratory and mathematical modellingYou, Z.; Badalyan, A.; Yang, Y.; Bedrikovetsky, P.; Hand, M.
2019A micromechanical investigation for the effects of pore size and its distribution on geopolymer foam concrete under uniaxial compressionNguyen, T.; Bui, H.; Ngo, T.; Nguyen, G.; Kreher, M.; Darve, F.
2019Dynamical analysis of multilayered cantileversGhayesh, M.
2019Development of an autonomous, monthly and daily, rainfall sampler for isotope researchAnkor, M.; Tyler, J.; Hughes, C.
2019Fluid inclusion and stable isotope constraints on the heavy rare earth element mineralisation in the Browns Range Dome, Tanami Region, Western AustraliaNazari-Dehkordi, T.; Huizenga, J.; Spandler, C.; Oliver, N.
2019A new method for reconstructing past-climate trends using tree-ring data and kernel smoothingSanchez-Morales, J.; Pardo-Igúzquiza, E.; Rodríguez-Tovar, F.; Dowd, P.
2019Phosphorous doped carbon nitride nanobelts for photodegradation of emerging contaminants and hydrogen evolutionWang, S.; He, F.; Zhao, X.; Zhang, J.; Ao, Z.; Wu, H.; Yin, Y.; Shi, L.; Xu, X.; Zhao, C.; Wang, S.; Sun, H.
2019Abiotic degradation of highly branched isoprenoid alkenes and other lipids in the water column off East AntarcticaRontani, J.; Smik, L.; Belt, S.; Vaultier, F.; Armbrecht, L.; Leventer, A.; Armand, L.