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2017Clay addition to sandy soil reduces nutrient leaching—effect of clay concentration and ped sizeTahir, S.; Marschner, P.
2017Governance, agency and place leadership: lessons from a cross-national analysisSotarauta, M.; Beer, A.
2017Flow regulation simplifies a lowland fish assemblage in the Lower River Murray, South AustraliaWedderburn, S.; Hammer, M.; Bice, C.; Lloyd, L.; Whiterod, N.; Zampatti, B.
2017Characterising the spawning patterns of Jack Mackerel (Trachurus declivis) off eastern Australia to optimise future survey designSexton, S.; Ward, T.; Huveneers, C.
2017An enzyme-coated metal–organic framework shell for synthetically adaptive cell survivalLiang, K.; Richardson, J.; Doonan, C.; Mulet, X.; Ju, Y.; Cui, J.; Caruso, F.; Falcaro, P.
2017Deep linear discriminant analysis on fisher networks: a hybrid architecture for person re-identificationWu, L.; Chunhua, S.; Van Den Hengel, A.
2017Catalytic enantioselective transformations involving C-H bond cleavage by transition-metal complexesNewton, C.; Wang, S.; Oliveira, C.; Cramer, N.
2017Catalytically active and chemically inert CdIn2S4 coating on a CdS photoanode for efficient and stable water splittingSong, J.; Yin, P.; Mao, J.; Qiao, S.; Du, X.
2017Mutant p53 upregulates alpha-1 antitrypsin expression and promotes invasion in lung cancerShakya, R.; Tarulli, G.; Sheng, L.; Lokman, N.; Ricciardelli, C.; Pishas, K.; Selinger, C.; Kohonen-Corish, M.; Cooper, W.; Turner, A.; Neilsen, P.; Callen, D.
2017DNA extraction from benthic Cyanobacteria: comparative assessment and optimizationGaget, V.; Keulen, A.; Lau, M.; Monis, P.; Brookes, J.