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2017New monoclonal antibodies to defined cell surface proteins on human pluripotent stem cellsO’Brien, C.M.; Chy, H.S.; Zhou, Q.; Blumenfeld, S.; Lambshead, J.W.; Liu, X.; Kie, J.; Capaldo, B.D.; Chung, T.L.; Adams, T.E.; Phan, T.; Bentley, J.D.; McKinstry, W.J.; Oliva, K.; McMurrick, P.J.; Wang, Y.C.; Rossello, F.J.; Lindeman, G.J.; Chen, D.; Jarde, T.; et al.
2017Muscle stem cells undergo extensive clonal drift during tissue growth via meox1-mediated induction of G2 cell-cycle arrestNguyen, P.D.; Gurevich, D.B.; Sonntag, C.; Hersey, L.; Alaei, S.; Nim, H.T.; Siegel, A.; Hall, T.E.; Rossello, F.J.; Boyd, S.E.; Polo, J.M.; Currie, P.D.
2017On the likelihood of "encapsulating all uncertainty"Martire, K.A.; Edmond, G.; Navarro, D.J.; Newell, B.R.
2017A cost-utility analysis of prostate cancer screening in AustraliaKeller, A.; Gericke, C.; Whitty, J.A.; Yaxley, J.; Kua, B.; Coughlin, G.; Gianduzzo, T.
2017MRI magic-angle effect in femorotibial cartilages of the red kangarooAli, T.S.; Thibbotuwawa, N.; Gu, Y.T.; Momot, K.I.
2017MicroRNA regulation of immune events at conceptionRobertson, S.; Zhang, B.; Chan, H.; Sharkey, D.; Barry, S.; Fullston, T.; Schjenken, J.
2017Medication use and potentially high-risk prescribing in older patients hospitalized for diabetes: a missed opportunity to improve care?Caughey, G.E.; Barratt, J.D.; Shakib, S.; Kemp-Casey, A.; Roughead, E.E.
2017Neuropredictors of oromotor feeding impairment in 12 month-old childrenSanchez, K.; Morgan, A.T.; Slattery, J.M.; Olsen, J.E.; Lee, K.J.; Anderson, P.J.; Thompson, D.K.; Doyle, L.W.; Cheong, J.L.Y.; Spittle, A.J.
2017Neonatal basal ganglia and thalamic volumes: very preterm birth and 7-year neurodevelopmental outcomesLoh, W.Y.; Anderson, P.J.; Cheong, J.L.Y.; Spittle, A.J.; Chen, J.; Lee, K.J.; Molesworth, C.; Inder, T.E.; Connelly, A.; Doyle, L.W.; Thompson, D.K.
2017Quantitative FLAIR MRI in amyotrophic lateral sclerosisFabes, J.; Matthews, L.; Filippini, N.; Talbot, K.; Jenkinson, M.; Turner, M.R.