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2017Family functioning and mood and anxiety symptoms in adolescents born extremely pretermBurnett, A.C.; Lee, K.J.; Cheong, J.L.Y.; De Luca, C.R.; Roberts, G.; Wood, S.J.; Doyle, L.W.; Anderson, P.J.
2017Extrusion of fluid cylinders of arbitrary shape with surface tension and gravityTronnolone, H.; Stokes, Y.M.; Ebendorff-Heidepriem, H.
2017Does early-life family income influence later dental pain experience? A prospective 14-year studyGhorbani, Z.; Peres, M.; Liu, P.; Mejia, G.; Armfield, J.; Peres, K.
2017Dental insurance, service use and health outcomes in Australia: a systematic reviewGnanamanickam, E.; Teusner, D.; Arrow, P.; Brennan, D.
2017Digestive and appendicular soft-parts, with behavioural implications, in a large Ordovician trilobite from the Fezouata Lagerstätte, MoroccoGutiérrez-Marco, J.; García-Bellido, D.; Rábano, I.; Sá, A.
2017Fitness plus American Society of Anesthesiologists grade improve outcome prediction after endovascular aneurysm repairBoult, M.; Cowled, P.; Barnes, M.; Fitridge, R.
2017Generation of neural crest-like cells from human periodontal ligament cell-derived induced pluripotent stem cellsTomokiyo, A.; Hynes, K.; Ng, J.; Menicanin, D.; Camp, E.; Arthur, A.; Gronthos, S.; Bartold, P.M.
2017Associations of newborn brain magnetic resonance imaging with long-term neurodevelopmental impairments in very preterm childrenAnderson, P.J.; Treyvaud, K.; Neil, J.J.; Cheong, J.L.Y.; Hunt, R.W.; Thompson, D.K.; Lee, K.J.; Doyle, L.W.; Inder, T.E.
2017Gene expression profiling and heterogeneity of nonspecific orbital inflammation affecting the lacrimal glandRosenbaum, J.T.; Choi, D.; Harrington, C.A.; Wilson, D.J.; Grossniklaus, H.E.; Sibley, C.H.; Salek, S.S.; Ng, J.D.; Dailey, R.A.; Steele, E.A.; Hayek, B.; Craven, C.M.; Edward, D.P.; Maktabi, A.M.Y.; Al Hussain, H.; White, V.A.; Dolman, P.J.; Czyz, C.N.; Foster, J.A.; Harris, G.J.; et al.
2017Feasibility of cathode surface coating technology for high-energy lithium-ion and beyond-lithium-ion batteriesKalluri, S.; Yoon, M.; Jo, M.; Liu, H.K.; Dou, S.X.; Cho, J.; Guo, Z.