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2017A qualitative study of a maintenance support program for women at risk of homelessness: part 3: societal factorsMcMaster, R.; Lopez, V.; Kornhaber, R.; Cleary, M.
2017Does phytoestrogen supplementation improve cognition in humans? A systematic reviewZaw, J.; Howe, P.; Wong, R.; Vanga, O.; Lin, H.-Y.
2017An examination of resilience and coping in the oldest old using life narrative methodBrowne-Yung, K.; Walker, R.B.; Luszcz, M.A.
2017Centimetre-scale micropore alignment in oriented polycrystalline metal-organic framework films via heteroepitaxial growthFalcaro, P.; Okada, K.; Hara, T.; Ikigaki, K.; Tokudome, Y.; Thornton, A.; Hill, A.; Williams, T.; Doonan, C.; Takahashi, M.
2017Regulatory B cells in pregnancy: lessons from autoimmunity, graft tolerance, and cancerGuzman-Genuino, R.; Diener, K.
2017Antibiotic tolerance and the alternative lifestyles of Staphylococcus aureusBui, L.; Conlon, B.; Kidd, S.; Venter, H.
2017Proximal translation of > 1 mm within the first two years of revision total hip arthroplasty correctly predicts whether or not an acetabular component is loose in 80% of cases: a case-control study with confirmed intra-operative outcomesKim, Y.; Abrahams, J.; Callary, S.; De Ieso, C.; Costi, K.; Howie, D.; Solomon, L.
2017Photoactive and physical properties of an azobenzene-containing coordination frameworkCaddy, J.S.; Faust, T.B.; Walton, I.M.; Cox, J.M.; Benedict, J.B.; Solomon, M.B.; Southon, P.D.; Kepert, C.J.; D'Alessandro, D.M.
2017Structural basis of the permeation function of plant aquaporinsLuang, S.; Hrmova, M.; Chaumont, F.; Tyerman, S.
2017EB Ford revisited: assessing the long-term stability of wing-spot patterns and population genetic structure of the meadow brown butterfly on the Isles of Scilly.Baxter, S.; Hoffman, J.; Tregenza, T.; Wedell, N.; Hosken, D.