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2017Determinants of second pregnancy among pregnant women: a hospital-based cross-sectional survey in ChinaXu, X.; Zuo, H.; Shi, Z.; Rao, Y.; Wang, L.; Zeng, H.; Zhang, L.; Sharma, M.; Reis, C.; Zhao, Y.
2017Economic analysis of pressure control for leakage and pipe burst reductionCreaco, E.; Walski, T.
2017In-office insertion of a miniaturized insertable cardiac monitor: results from the Reveal LINQ In-Office 2 randomized studyRogers, J.; Sanders, P.; Piorkowski, C.; Sohail, M.; Anand, R.; Crossen, K.; Khairallah, F.; Kaplon, R.; Stromberg, K.; Kowal, R.
2017A century of intervention in a Ramsar wetland - the case of the Coorong, Lower Lakes and Murray MouthSettre, C.; Wheeler, S.
2017Disturbance-observer-based robust synchronization control for a class of fractional-order chaotic systemsChen, M.; Shao, S.; Shi, P.; Shi, Y.
2017A chromosome conformation capture ordered sequence of the barley genomeMascher, M.; Gundlach, H.; Himmelbach, A.; Beier, S.; Twardziok, S.; Wicker, T.; Radchuk, V.; Dockter, C.; Hedley, P.; Russell, J.; Bayer, M.; Ramsay, L.; Liu, H.; Haberer, G.; Zhang, X.; Zhang, Q.; Barrero, R.; Li, L.; Taudien, S.; Groth, M.; et al.
2017Does psychosocial stress explain socioeconomic inequities in 9-year weight gain among young women?Ball, K.; Schoenaker, D.; Mishra, G.
2017A numerical investigation into the effects of Reynolds number on the flow mechanism induced by a tubercled leading edgeRostamzadeh, N.; Kelso, R.; Dally, B.
2017Real-time fluid intake gesture recognition based on batteryless UHF RFID technologyJayatilaka, A.; Ranasinghe, D.
2017Elements and elasmobranchs: hypotheses, assumptions and limitations of elemental analysisMcMillan, M.; Izzo, C.; Wade, B.; Gillanders, B.