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2014Intermittent and daily therapy for tuberculosis in childrenStern, C.
2014Clinical importance of incidental findings reported on small-volume dental cone beam computed tomography scans focused on impacted maxillary canine teethDoğramacı, E.; Rossi-Fedele, G.; McDonald, F.
2014Petrology and zircon U-Pb geochronology of metagabbros from a mafic-ultramafic suite at Aniyapuram: Neoarchean to Early Paleoproterozoic convergent margin magmatism and Middle Neoproterozoic high-grade metamorphism in southern IndiaKoizumi, T.; Tsunogae, T.; Santosh, M.; Tsutsumi, Y.; Chetty, T.; Saitoh, Y.
2014Mid-Neoproterozoic arc magmatism in the northeastern margin of the Indochina block, SW China: geochronological and petrogenetic constraints and implications for Gondwana assemblyQi, X.; Santosh, M.; Zhu, L.; Zhao, Y.; Hu, Z.; Zhang, C.; Ji, F.
2014Biomimetic protein-based elastomeric hydrogels for biomedical applicationsWhittaker, J.; Balu, R.; Choudhury, N.; Dutta, N.
2014Pax5 loss imposes a reversible differentiation block in B-progenitor acute lymphoblastic leukemiaLiu, G.; Cimmino, L.; Jude, J.; Hu, Y.; Witkowski, M.; McKenzie, M.; Kartal-Kaess, M.; Best, S.; Tuohey, L.; Liao, Y.; Shi, W.; Mullighan, C.; Farrar, M.; Nutt, S.; Smyth, G.; Zuber, J.; Dickins, R.
2014Measurement of the production of a W boson in association with a charm quark in pp collisions at √s = 7 TeV with the ATLAS detectorAad, G.; ATLAS Collaboration
2014Predicting successful intended vaginal delivery after previous caesarean section: external validation of two predictive models in a Dutch nationwide registration-based cohort with a high intended vaginal delivery rateSchoorel, E.; Melman, S.; Van Kuijk, S.; Grobman, W.; Kwee, A.; Mol, B.; Nijhuis, J.; Smits, L.; Aardenburg, R.; De Boer, K.; Delemarre, F.; Van Dooren, I.; Franssen, M.; Kleiverda, G.; Kaplan, M.; Kuppens, S.; Lim, F.; Sikkema, J.; Smid-Koopman, E.; Visser, H.; et al.
2014Statistical modelling for recurrent events: an application to sports injuriesUllah, S.; Gabbett, T.; Finch, C.
2014MTORC1 signaling controls multiple steps in ribosome biogenesisIadevaia, V.; Liu, R.; Proud, C.