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2014Quantifying crop nitrogen status for comparisons of agronomic practices and genotypesSadras, V.; Lemaire, G.
2014Incidence of total knee and hip replacement for osteoarthritis in relation to the metabolic syndrome and its components: a prospective cohort studyMonira Hussain, S.; Wang, Y.; Cicuttini, F.; Simpson, J.; Giles, G.; Graves, S.; Wluka, A.
2014Variation in telomere length of the common carp, Cyprinus carpio (Cyprinidae), in relation to body lengthIzzo, C.; Bertozzi, T.; Gillanders, B.; Donnellan, S.
2014Preoperative asymmetry in load distribution during quite stance persist following total knee arthroplastyThewlis, D.; Hillier, S.; Hobbs, S.; Richards, J.
2014Analysis of gold(I/III)-complexes by HPLC-ICP-MS demonstrates gold(III) stability in surface watersTa, C.; Reith, F.; Brugger, J.; Pring, A.; Lenehan, C.
2014Ecosystem services in agricultural landscapes: a spatially explicit approach to support sustainable soil managementForouzangohar, M.; Crossman, N.; MacEwan, R.; Wallace, D.; Bennett, L.
2014Utility and appropriateness of the fatty liver inhibition of progression (FLIP) algorithm and steatosis, activity, and fibrosis (SAF) score in the evaluation of biopsies of nonalcoholic fatty liver diseaseBedossa, P.; FLIP Pathology Consortium
2014Exfoliated graphene into highly ordered mesoporous titania films: highly performing nanocomposites from integrated processingMalfatti, L.; Falcaro, P.; Pinna, A.; Lasio, B.; Casula, M.; Loche, D.; Falqui, A.; Marmiroli, B.; Amenitsch, H.; Sanna, R.; Mariani, A.; Innocenzi, P.
2014Synthesis of allo-and epi-inositol via the NHC-catalyzed carbocyclization of carbohydrate-derived dialdehydesStockton, K.; Greatrex, B.; Taylor, D.
2014Event-driven actuators: to zero or to hold?Guo, G.; Lu, Z.; Shi, P.