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2010Understanding parent concerns about children's diet, activity and weight status: an important step towards effective obesity prevention interventionsSlater, A.; Bowen, J.; Corsini, N.; Gardner, C.; Golley, R.; Noakes, M.
2010Conservation in human-modified landscapesKoh, L.; Gardner, T.; Sodhi, N.; Ehrlich, P.
2010Alterations in mouse embryo intracellular pH by DMO during culture impair implantation and fetal growthZander, D.; Mitchell, M.; Thompson, J.; Lane, M.
2010Carbon isotope fractionation of amino acids in fish muscle reflects biosynthesis and isotopic routing from dietary proteinMcMahon, Kelton W.; Fogel, Marilyn L.; Elsdon, Travis Samuel; Thorrold, Simon R.
2010Involvement of pro- and anti-inflammatory cytokines and chemokines in the pathophysiology of traumatic brain injuryZiebell, Jenna; Morganti-Kossmann, Maria Cristina
2010Understanding gender equity in the context of men's health policy developmentSmith, James; Robertson, Steve; Richardson, Noel
2010Prospects for locating adaptive genes in lepidopteran genomes: A case study of butterfly colour patternsBaxter, S.; McMillan, W.; Chamberlain, N.; ffrench-Constant, R.; Jiggins, C.; Goldsmith, M.; Marec, F.
2010Phylogeography of the Australian sugar glider (Petaurus breviceps): evidence for a new divergent lineage in eastern AustraliaMalekian, M.; Cooper, S.; Carthew, S.
2010Two behavioural traits promote fine-scale species segregation and moderate hybridisation in a recovering sympatric fur seal populationLancaster, M.; Goldsworthy, S.; Sunnucks, P.
2010Thermal clamping of temperature-regulating flowers reveals the precision and limits of the biochemical regulatory mechanismSeymour, R.; Lindshau, G.; Ito, K.