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1988Zellweger syndrome amniocytes - morphological appearance and a simple sedimentation method for prenatal-diagnosisLAZAROW, P.B.; SMALL, G.M.; SANTOS, M.; SHIO, H.; MOSER, A.; MOSER, H.; ESTERMAN, A.; BLACK, V.; DANCIS, J.
1986On the interpretation of the European Muon Collaboration effectDunne, G.V.; Thomas, A.W.
1985The retention of cobalamin by the liver in the cobalamin-deficient ratOwens, J.A.; Scott, J.S.D.; Cooksley, W.G.E.
1985Localization of the ring-infected erythrocyte surface antigen (RESA) of Plasmodium falciparum in merozoites and ring-infected erythrocytesBrown, G.V.; Culvenor, J.G.; Crewther, P.E.; Bianco, A.E.; Coppel, R.L.; Saint, R.B.; Stahl, H.D.; Kemp, D.J.; Anders, R.F.
1986The feeding behaviour of caterpillars (Manduca sexta) on tobacco and on artificial dietReynolds, S.; Yeomans, M.; Timmins, W.
1985Relationship between internal sound generation and characteristics of flow in a region of flow separation due to disturbance of fully-developed turbulent flow in a pipe / by Naval Kishore AgarwalAgarwal, Naval Kishore
1989Double-blind controlled trial of azathioprine in children with newly diagnosed type I diabetesCook, J.; Hudson, I.; Harrison, L.; Dean, B.; Colman, P.; Werther, G.; Warne, G.; Court, J.
1982In situ determination of the loss factors for simple multi-modal structures / by Alain RemontRemont, Alain
1989Interglacial pollen and plant macrofossils from Langdon River, western TasmaniaColhoun, E.A.; van de Geer, G.; Hill, R.S.; Bird, T.
1985Observations of mesospheric wind velocities 2. Cross sections of power spectral density for 48–8 hours, 8–1 hours, and 1 hour to 10 min over 60–110 km for 1981Meek, C.; Reid, I.; Manson, A.