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2018Phosphate adsorption onto thermally dehydrated aluminate cement granulesZha, Z.; Ren, Y.; Wang, S.; Qian, Z.; Yang, L.; Cheng, P.; Han, Y.; Wang, M.
2014A lithium/polysulfide semi-solid rechargeable flow battery with high output performanceDong, K.; Wang, S.; Yu, J.
2018Design of metallic nickel hollow fiber membrane modules for pure hydrogen separationLi, Y.; Zhang, M.; Chu, Y.; Tan, X.; Gao, J.; Wang, S.; Liu, S.
2020Self-detoxifying hollow zinc silica nanospheres with tunable Ag ion release-recapture capability: a nanoantibiotic for efficient MRSA inhibitionWu, H.; Tian, H.; Li, J.; Liu, L.; Wang, Y.; Qiu, J.; Wang, S.; Liu, S.
2017Hollow carbon nanobubbles: monocrystalline MOF nanobubbles and their pyrolysisZhang, W.; Jiang, X.; Zhao, Y.; Carné-Sánchez, A.; Malgras, V.; Kim, J.; Kim, J.; Wang, S.; Liu, J.; Jiang, J.; Yamauchi, Y.; Hu, M.
2018Biodegradable κ-carrageenan/nanoclay nanocomposite films containing Rosmarinus officinalis L. extract for improved strength and antibacterial performanceNouri, A.; Tavakkoli Yaraki, M.; Ghorbanpour, M.; Wang, S.
2019Phosphorous doped carbon nitride nanobelts for photodegradation of emerging contaminants and hydrogen evolutionWang, S.; He, F.; Zhao, X.; Zhang, J.; Ao, Z.; Wu, H.; Yin, Y.; Shi, L.; Xu, X.; Zhao, C.; Wang, S.; Sun, H.
2017Few-layered trigonal WS₂ nanosheet-coated graphite foam as an efficient free-standing electrode for a hydrogen evolution reactionGuo, X.; Ji, J.; Jiang, Q.; Zhang, L.; Ao, Z.; Fan, X.; Wang, S.; Li, Y.; Zhang, F.; Zhang, G.; Peng, W.
2018Tailored synthesis of active reduced graphene oxides from waste graphite: structural defects and pollutant-dependent reactive radicals in aqueous organics decontaminationWang, Y.; Cao, H.; Chen, L.; Chen, C.; Duan, X.; Xie, Y.; Song, W.; Sun, H.; Wang, S.
2016Using genetic data to predict the vulnerability of a native predator to a toxic invaderShine, R.; Wang, S.; Madani, G.; Armstrong, K.; Zhang, L.; Li, Y.