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1995A novel aqua[3N,5N-methylamino(1,3,5-oxadiazacyclohexyl)diacetato]copper(II) monohydrate formed by the condensation of bis(glycinato)copper(II) with formaldehyde and ammoniaTiekink, Edward Richard Tom; Teo, S-B.; Ng, C-H.
1998Synthesis and structure of Di-n-Butyltin pyridine-2-phosphonate-6-carboxylateGielen, Marcel; Dalil, Hassan; Ghys, Laurent; Boduszek, Bogdan; Tiekink, Edward Richard Tom; Martins, Jose C.; Biesemans, Monique; Willem, Rudolph
2000Chiral organotin hydrides containing intramolecular coordinating substituentsDakternieks, Dainis; Dunn, Kerri; Schiesser, Carl Herbert; Tiekink, Edward Richard Tom
1997Oxotungsten (VI) chemistry of hydrotis(3,5-dimethylpyrazol-1-yl)borate: hydroxodioxotungsten (VI), trioxotungsten (VI), and (m-oxo)bis[dioxotungsten (VI)] complexesEagle, A. A.; George, Graham N.; Tiekink, Edward Richard Tom; Young, Charles G.
1999A study of the antitumour activity of four triorganophosphinegold(I) thiolates: R3PAu(SR'), R = Ph, Cy, Et; SR'H = 6-mercaptopurine and R = Et' SR'H = 6-thioguanineCrump, D.; Siasios, George; Tiekink, Edward Richard Tom
1998Binuclear diorganophosphinothioformamido complexes of gold(I): synthesis and crystal structure of [Au(Ph2PC(S)NPh)]2 and realted systemsClajus, D.; Kramolowsky, R.; Siasios, George; Tiekink, Edward Richard Tom
2001X-ray structure of n-butyl-chloro-bis(diisopropyldithiocarbamato)tin(IV)Clarke, David John; Dakternieks, Dainis; Tiekink, Edward Richard Tom
1997The diverse coordination patterns in the structures of zinc, cadmium and mercury bis(1,1-dithiolates)Cox, M. J.; Tiekink, Edward Richard Tom
2002Crystal structure of bis(benzamide-2-thiolato)(m2-bis(diphenylphosphino)-ethane)digold(I), C40H36Au2N2O2P2S2Smyth, Douglas Robert; Tiekink, Edward Richard Tom
2003Dicyclopentyltin(IV) bis(2-quinaldinate) methanol solvateDakternieks, Dainis; Duthie, Andrew; Smyth, Douglas Robert; Stapleton, Clynton Phillip Donald; Tiekink, Edward Richard Tom