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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Decentralized asymptotic fault tolerant control of near space vehicle with high order actuator dynamicsXu, D.; Jiang, B.; Liu, H.; Shi, P.
2017Active fault-tolerant control against actuator fault and performance analysis of the effect of time delay due to fault diagnosisShen, Q.; Jiang, B.; Shi, P.
2017Adaptive fault tolerant control against actuator faultsShen, Q.; Jiang, B.; Shi, P.
2011Active fault-tolerant tracking control for near-space vehicle attitude dynamics with actuator faultsGao, Z.; Jiang, B.; Shi, P.; Liu, J.; Xu, Y.
2010Fault-tolerant control for a class of nonlinear sampled-data systems via a Euler approximate observerMao, Z.; Jiang, B.; Shi, P.
2012Fault-tolerant control design for near-space vehicles based on a dynamic terminal sliding mode techniqueZhao, J.; Jiang, B.; Shi, P.; Gao, Z.; Xu, D.
2008High gain observer-based fault estimation for nonlinear networked control systemsMao, Z.; Jiang, B.; Shi, P.; Cocquempot, V.; 2008 American Control Conference (ACC) (11 Jun 2008 - 13 Jun 2008 : Seattle, WA)
2010Less conservative criteria for fault accommodation of time-varying delay systems using adaptive fault diagnosis observerJiang, B.; Zhang, K.; Shi, P.
2015Fault estimation observer design for discrete-time systems in finite-frequency domainZhang, K.; Jiang, B.; Shi, P.; Xu, J.
2014Multi-constrained fault estimation observer design with finite frequency specifications for continuous-time systemsZhang, K.; Jiang, B.; Shi, P.; Xu, J.