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PreviewIssue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014A novel model-free adaptive control design for multivariable industrial processesXu, D.; Jiang, B.; Shi, P.
2013Global robust tracking control of non-affine nonlinear systems with application to yaw control of uav helicopterXu, D.; Jiang, B.; Shi, P.
2014Fault detection for continuous-time switched systems under asynchronous switchingDu, D.; Jiang, B.; Shi, P.; Karimi, H.
2014Adaptive observer based data-driven control for nonlinear discrete-time processesXu, D.; Jiang, B.; Shi, P.
2010Sensor fault estimation and compensation for microsatellite attitude control systemsGao, Z.; Jiang, B.; Shi, P.; Cheng, Y.
2014Sensor fault estimation and accommodation for discrete-time switched linear systemsDu, D.; Jiang, B.; Shi, P.
2009A new approach to observer-based fault-tolerant controller design for Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy systems with state delayZhang, K.; Jiang, B.; Shi, P.
2010Fault diagnosis for switched systems with time delayDu, D.; Jiang, B.; Shi, P.; IEEE International Conference on Control and Automation (ICCA) (09 Jun 2010 - 11 Jun 2010 : Xiamen, China)
2011Fault identification for nonlinear switched systems: average dwell time approachDu, D.; Jiang, B.; Shi, P.; Chinese Control Conference (CCC) (22 Jul 2011 - 24 Jul 2011 : Yantai, China)
2011Multi-model based adaptive reconfiguration control for flight control systems with actuator faultsGuo, Y.; Zhang, Y.; Shi, P.; Jiang, B.; Zhu, Z.; Chinese Control and Decision Conference (CCDC) (23 May 2011 - 25 May 2011 : Mianyang, China)