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2009Short-term heart rate variability and cardiac norepinephrine spillover in patienst with depression and panic disorderBaumert, M.; Lambert, G.; Dawood, T.; Lambert, E.; Esler, M.; McGrane, M.; Barton, D.; Sanders, P.; Nalivaiko, E.
2009Fractionated atrial electrograms during sinus rhythm: Relationship to age, voltage, and conduction velocityRoberts-Thomson, K.; Kistler, P.; Sanders, P.; Morton, J.; Haqqani, H.; Stevenson, I.; Vohra, J.; Sparks, P.; Kalman, J.
2006Virtual anatomy for atrial fibrillation ablationSanders, P.; Stiles, M.; Young, G.
2003Accessory pathway in left inferoposterior diverticulum masquerading as left posterior pathway due to conduction over coronary sinus to left atrium connectionHussin, A.; Sanders, P.; Kistler, P.; Sparks, P.; Kalman, J.
2002The challenge of endocardial right ventricular pacing in patients with a tricuspid annuloplasty ring and severe tricuspid regurgitationKistler, P.; Sanders, P.; Davidson, N.; Mond, H.
2004Pulmonary veins in the substrate for atrial fibrillation: The 'venous wave' hypothesisHaissaguerre, M.; Sanders, P.; Hocini, M.; Jais, P.; Clementy, J.
2008Effect of dietary n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids on the inducibility of ventricular tachycardia in patients with ischemic cardiornyopathyMetcalf, R.; Sanders, P.; James, M.; Cleland, L.; Young, G.
2005Acute occlusion of the left circumflex coronary artery during mitral isthmus linear ablationTakahashi, Y.; Jais, P.; Hocini, M.; Sanders, P.; Rotter, M.; Rostock, T.; Sacher, F.; Jais, C.; Clementy, J.; Haissaguerre, M.
2007Sinus node disease: An idiopathic right atrial myopathyRoberts-Thomson, K.; Sanders, P.; Kalman, J.
2006Sudden cardiac death: ablationSanders, P.; Miller, J.; Hocini, M.; Jais, P.; Haissaguerre, M.