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2009Hypertension and atrial fibrillation: a long term study of remodeling in a conscious ovine modelLau, D.H.; Mackenzie, L.; Kelly, D.J.; Psaltis, P.J.; Worthington, M.; Rajendram, A.; Kelly, D.R.; Kuklik, P.; Nelson, A.J.; Zhang, Y.; Brooks, A.G.; Worthley, S.G.; Saint, D.A.; Rao, M.; Edwards, J.; Sanders, P.; 82nd Scientific Session of the American Heart Association (14 Nov 2009 - 18 Nov 2009 : Orlando, FL)
2005Value of the LocaLisa non-fluroscopic mapping system in the ablation of atrial fibrillationSanders, P.; Jais, P.; Hocini, M.; Hsu, L.; Young, G.; Scavee, C.; Kuklik, P.; Rotter, M.; Takahashi, Y.; Rostock, T.; Sacher, F.; John, B.; Stiles, M.; Haissaguerre, M.; International Workshop on Cardiac Arrhythmias (9th : 2005 : Venice, Italy)
2006Catheter Ablation of Long-Lasting Persistent Atrial Fibrillation: Clinical Outcome and Mechanisms of Subsequent Arrhythmias - Reply to the editorHaissaguerre, M.; Jais, P.; Hocini, M.; O'Neill, M.; Sanders, P.
2009Integration of the data from electroanatomical mapping system and CT imaging modalityKuklik, P.; Szumowski, L.; Zebrowski, J.; Sanders, P.
2006Blood flow assessment in a heart with a septal defect based on optical flow analysis of magnetic resonance imagesWong, K.; Kuklik, P.; Kelso, R.; Worthley, S.; Sanders, P.; Mazumdar, J.; Abbott, D.; Biomedical Applications of Micro- and Nanoengineering (3rd : 2006 : Adelaide, Australia)
2009Frequency mapping: Hype or hope?Brooks, A.; Kuklik, P.; Sanders, P.
2007Motion estimation of vortical blood flow within the right atrium in a patient with atrial septal defectWong, K.; Molaee, P.; Kuklik, P.; Kelso, R.; Worthley, S.; Sanders, P.; Mazumdar, J.; Abbott, D.; IEEE/ICME International Conference on Complex Medical Engineering (2007 : Beijing, China)
2008Electrical remodelling of the left and right atria due to rheumatic mitral stenosisJohn, B.; Stiles, M.; Kuklik, P.; Chandy, S.; Young, G.; Mackenzie, L.; Szumowski, L.; Joseph, G.; Jose, J.; Worthley, S.; Kalman, J.; Sanders, P.
2007Cardiac analysisKuklik, P.; Sanders, P.; Worthley, S.; Adelaide Research & Innovation Pty Ltd