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2006Localized sources maintaining atrial fibrillation organized by prior ablationHaissaguerre, M.; Hocini, M.; Sanders, P.; Takahashi, Y.; Rotter, M.; Sacher, F.; Rostock, T.; Hsu, L.; Jonsson, A.; O'Neill, M.; Bordachar, P.; Reuter, S.; Roudaut, R.; Clementy, J.; Jais, P.
2006Flutter localized to the anterior left atrium after catheter ablation of atrial fibrillationJais, P.; Sanders, P.; Hsu, L.; Hocini, M.; Sacher, F.; Takahashi, Y.; Rotter, M.; Rostock, T.; Bordachar, P.; Reuter, S.; Laborderie, J.; Clementy, J.; Haissaguerre, M.
2006Shortening of Fibrillatory Cycle Length in the Pulmonary Vein During Vagal ExcitationTakahashi, Y.; Jais, P.; Hocini, M.; Sanders, P.; Rotter, M.; Rostock, T.; Hsu, L.; Sacher, F.; Clementy, J.; Haissaguerre, M.
2006Organization of frequency spectra of atrial fibrillation: relevance to radiofrequency catheter ablationTakahashi, Y.; Sanders, P.; Jais, P.; Hocini, M.; Dubois, R.; Rotter, M.; Rostock, T.; Nalliah, C.; Sacher, F.; Clementy, J.; Haissaguerre, M.
2006High-density activation mapping of fractionated electrograms in the atria of patients with paroxysmal atrial fibrillationRostock, T.; Rotter, M.; Sanders, P.; Takahashi, Y.; Jais, P.; Hocini, M.; Hsu, L.; Sacher, F.; Clementy, J.; Haissaguerre, M.
2006An approach to catheter ablation of cavotricuspid isthmus dependent atrial flutterO'Neill, M.; Jais, P.; Jonsson, A.; Takahashi, Y.; Sacher, F.; Hocini, M.; Sanders, P.; Rostock, T.; Rotter, M.; Clementy, J.; Haissaguerre, M.
2006Decline in C-reactive protein after successful ablation of long-lasting persistent atrial fibrillationRotter, M.; Jais, P.; Vergnes, M.; Nurden, P.; Takahashi, Y.; Sanders, P.; Rostock, T.; Hocini, M.; Sacher, F.; Haissaguerre, M.
2006How to interpret and identify pulmonary vein recordings with the lasso catheterTakahashi, Y.; O'Neill, M.; Jonsson, A.; Sanders, P.; Sacher, F.; Hocini, M.; Jais, P.; Clementy, J.; Haissaguerre, M.
2007Complete isolation of the pulmonary veins and posterior left atrium in chronic atrial fibrillation. Long-term clinical outcomeSanders, P.; Hocini, M.; Jais, P.; Sacher, F.; Hsu, L.; Takahashi, Y.; Rotter, M.; Rostock, T.; Nalliah, C.; Clementy, J.; Haissaguerre, M.
2008Characterization of electrograms associated with termination of chronic atrial fibrillation by catheter ablationTakahashi, Y.; O'Neill, M.; Hocini, M.; Dubois, R.; Matsuo, S.; Knecht, S.; Mahapatra, S.; Lim, K.; Jais, P.; Jonsson, A.; Sacher, F.; Sanders, P.; Rostock, T.; Bordachar, P.; Clementary, J.; Klein, G.; Haissaguerre, M.