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2002Quantifying parameter uncertainty in stochastic models using the Box-Cox transformationThyer, M.; Kuczera, G.; Wang, Q.
2009Remote Sensing - Validation, spatial and temporal patterns in sea surface temperature and chlorophyll-aBierman, P.; Lewis, M.; Tanner, J.; Ostendorf, B.
2010Respiratory pattern in awake rats: Effects of motor activity and of alerting stimuliKabir, M.; Beig, M.; Baumert, M.; Trombini, M.; Mastorci, F.; Sgoifo, A.; Walker, F.; Day, T.; Nalivaiko, E.
2010Efficient separation of homologous α-lactalbumin from transgenic bovine milk using optimized hydrophobic interaction chromatographyZhang, Y.; Luo, J.; Bi, J.; Wang, J.; Sun, L.; Liu, Y.; Zhang, G.; Ma, G.; Su, Z.
2006Dominant modes of interannual variability in Australian rainfall analyzed using waveletsWestra, S.; Sharma, A.
2007A general Bayesian framework for calibrating and evaluating stochastic models of annual multi-site hydrological dataFrost, A.; Thyer, M.; Srikanthan, R.; Kuczera, G.
1998Numeric classification as an aid to spectral mapping of vegetation communitiesLewis, M.
2013Introduction to Allocating water and maintaining springs in the Great Artesian Basin, Volume IV, Spatial Survey and Remote Sensing of Artesian Springs of the Western Great Artesian BasinLewis, M.; Gotch, T.; White, D.; Lewis, M.; White, D.; Gotch, T.; National Water Commission
2013Temporal dynamics of spring complexesWhite, D.; Petus, C.; Lewis, M.; Lewis, M.; White, D.; Gotch, T.; National Water Commission
2013Hydrothermal ageing of X65 steel specimens coated with 100% solids epoxyGamboa, E.; Coniglio, N.; Kurji, R.; Callar, G.