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2008Comparing Ensemble and Cascaded Neural Networks that Combine Biotic and Abiotic Variables to Predict Insect Species DistributionWatts, M.; Worner, S.
2011Using data clustering as a method of estimating the risk of establishment of bacterial crop diseasesWatts, Michael John
2007Quantitative trait loci for phytate in rice grain and their relationship with grain micronutrient content.Stangoulis, J.; Huynh, B.; Welch, R.; Choi, E.; Graham, R.
2012Asymbiotic in vitro germination and seed quality assessment of Australian terrestrial orchidsDowling, N.; Jusaitis, M.
2010Comparative physiology of elemental distributions in plantsConn, S.; Gilliham, M.
2012The central role of dispersal in the maintenance and persistence of seagrass populationsKendrick, G.; Waycott, M.; Carruthers, T.; Cambridge, M.; Hovey, R.; Krauss, S.; Lavery, P.; Les, D.; Lowe, R.; Mascaro I Vidal, O.; Ooi, J.; Orth, R.; Rivers, D.; Ruiz-Montoya, L.; Sinclair, E.; Statton, J.; van Dijk, J.; Verduin, J.
2014Using ancient DNA to study the origins and dispersal of ancestral Polynesian chickens across the PacificThomson, V.; Lebrasseur, O.; Austin, J.; Hunt, T.; Burney, D.; Denham, T.; Rawlence, N.; Wood, J.; Gongora, J.; Girdland Flink, L.; Linderholm, A.; Dobney, K.; Larson, G.; Cooper, A.
2013The UPF3B gene, implicated in intellectual disability, autism, ADHD and childhood onset schizophrenia regulates neural progenitor cell behaviour and neuronal outgrowthJolly, L.; Homan, C.; Jacob, R.; Barry, S.; Gecz, J.
2008Genotypic variation in wheat grain fructan content revealed by a simplified HPLC methodHuynh, B.; Palmer, L.; Mather, D.; Wallwork, H.; Graham, R.; Welch, R.; Stangoulis, J.
2010Channel-like characteristics of the low affinity barley phosphate transporter Pht1;6 when expressed in Xenopus Oocytes1,[W],[OA]Preuss, C.; Huang, C.; Gilliham, M.; Tyerman, S.