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2020Costs and economic evaluations of Quality Improvement Collaboratives in healthcare: a systematic reviewde la Perrelle, L.; Radisic, G.; Cations, M.; Kaambwa, B.; Barbery, G.; Laver, K.
2020The potential for rapid determination of charcoal from wetland sediments using infrared spectroscopyCadd, H.; Tyler, J.; Tibby, J.; Baldock, J.; Hawke, B.; Barr, C.; Leng, M.
2020Maladaptive avoidance patterns in Parkinson's disease are exacerbated by symptoms of depressionSheynin, J.; Baetu, I.; Collins-Praino, L.E.; Myers, C.E.; Winwood-Smith, R.; Moustafa, A.A.
2020Barriers to the implementation of clinical guidelines for maternal alcohol consumption in antenatal services: a survey using the theoretical domains frameworkDoherty, E.; Kingsland, M.; Wiggers, J.; Anderson, A.E.; Elliott, E.J.; Symonds, I.; Tully, B.; Dray, J.; Wolfenden, L.
2020Dental services provided by dentists in AustraliaBrennan, D.S.; Chrisopoulos, S.; Luzzi, L.; Teusner, D.N.
2020Grading anxiety with self and peer-assessment: A mixed-method study in an Indonesian EFL contextNawas, A.
2020Structural characterization of the Pet c 1.0201 PR-10 protein isolated from roots of Petroselinum crispum (Mill.) FussStratilova, B.; Rehulka, P.; Garajova, S.; Rehulkova, H.; Stratilova, E.; Hrmova, M.; Kozmon, S.
2020Assessing the effects of parthenolide on inflammation, bone loss, and glial cells within a collagen antibody-Induced arthritis mouse modelWilliams, B.; Lees, F.; Tsangari, H.; Hutchinson, M.R.; Perilli, E.; Crotti, T.N.
2020Siam-U-Net: encoder-decoder siamese network for knee cartilage tracking in ultrasound imagesDunnhofer, M.; Antico, M.; Sasazawa, F.; Takeda, Y.; Camps, S.; Martinel, N.; Micheloni, C.; Carneiro, G.; Fontanarosa, D.
2020In-plane shear testing of unreinforced masonry walls and comparison with FEA and NZSEE predictionsHowlader, M.; Masia, M.; Griffith, M.