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2009Where did we leave off in 2008? Conclusions from the 8th International SymposiumRuss, G.
2013Where do Australian children get their dietary fibre? A focus on breakfast food choicesGrieger, J.; Kim, S.; Cobiac, L.
2007Where do Chinese scientists publish their research in environmental science and technology?Zhu, Y.; O'Connor, P.; Cao, J.
2007Where do we fit?Hansen, C.
2010Where failures occur in the imaging care cycle: Lessons from the radiology events registerJones, D.; Thomas, M.; Mandel, C.; Grimm, J.; Hannaford, N.; Schultz, T.; Runciman, W.
2005Where has all the aragonite gone? - Mineralogy of holocene neritic cool-water carbonates, southern AustraliaJames, N.; Bone, Y.; Kyser, T.
2017Where have all the spiders gone? The decline of a poorly known invertebrate fauna in the agricultural and arid zones of southern AustraliaRix, M.; Huey, J.; Main, B.; Waldock, J.; Harrison, S.; Comer, S.; Austin, A.; Harvey, M.
2004Where in a pistachio tree is Xanthomonas and how did it get there?Facelli, E.; Taylor, C.; Scott, E.; Emmett, R.; Sedgley, M.
1998Where is the evidence for effectiveness of treatments for the menopause? Introducing the Cochrane CollaborationFarquhar, C.; MacLennan, A.
1996Where next for prophylaxis against pre-eclampsia?Pipkin, F.; Crowther, C.; de Swiet, M.; Duley, L.; Judd, A.; Lilford, R.; Onwude, J.; Prentice, C.; Redman, C.; Roberts, J.; Thornton, J.; Walker, J.
2010Where not to have a heart attack in Australia!Clark, R.; Coffee, N.; Turner, D.; Eckert, K.; Coombe, D.; Bamford, E.; Hugo, G.; Lawrence, J.; Stewart, S.; van Gaans, D.; Wilkinson, D.; Tonkin, A.; Cardiac 58th Annual Meeting of the Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand (CSANZ) (5 Aug 2010 - 8 Aug 2010 : Adelaide Convention Centre, Adelaide)
2010Where not to have a heart attack in Australia!: The Cardiac ARIA IndexClark, R.A.; Coffee, N.; Eckert, K.; Turner, D.; Coombe, D.; Lawrence, J.; Stewart, S.; van Gaans, D.; Wilkinson, D.; Tonkin, A.; 58th Annual Scientific Meeting, Cardiac Society of Australia and New Zealand (CSANZ) (5 Aug 2010 - 8 Aug 2010 : Adelaide, SA.)
2009Where now for tobacco control - no place yet for harm reduction in tobacco controlJamrozik, Konrad
2018Where should we meet? Mapping social network interactions of sleepy lizards shows sex-dependent social network structureSpiegel, O.; Sih, A.; Leu, S.T.; Bull, C.M.
2004Where the sea burns and other poemsJones, J.
2019Where to draw the line? Using movement data to inform protected area design and conserve mobile speciesChoi, C.-Y.; Peng, H.-B.; He, P.; Ren, X.-T.; Zhang, S.; Jackson, M.V.; Gan, X.; Chen, Y.; Jia, Y.; Christie, M.; Flaherty, T.; Leung, K.-S.K.; Yu, C.; Murray, N.J.; Piersma, T.; Fuller, R.A.; Ma, Z.
2008Where to for Agricultural Policies in East Asia?Anderson, K.; Valenzuela, E.
2005Where to for barley research, a researcher’s perspectiveMather, D.; Australian Barley Technical Symposium (12th : 2005 : Hobart, Tasmania)
2004Where to From Here? Characteristics and Career Determinants of Interns in South Australia in 2003Laurence, C.; Elliott, T.
2007Where to from here? Evaluating employability during career transitionClarke, M.