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2008Robust adaptive synchronization of chaotic neural networks by slide techniqueLou, Xu-Yang; Cui, Bao-Tong
2004Robust adaptive-scale parametric model estimation for computer visionWang, H.; Suter, D.
2016Robust and non-fragile finite-time H∞ control for uncertain Markovian jump nonlinear systemsZhang, Y.; Shi, Y.; Shi, P.
2015Robust and resistant semi-variogram modelling using a generalized bootstrapOlea, R.; Pardo-Iguzquiza, E.; Dowd, P.
2019Robust and tunable hybrid hydrogels from photo-cross-linked soy protein isolate and regenerated silk fibroinDorishetty, P.; Balu, R.; Sreekumar, A.; De Campo, L.; Mata, J.P.; Choudhury, N.R.; Dutta, N.K.
2018Robust approximation-based adaptive control of multiple state delayed nonlinear systems with unmodeled dynamicsShi, X.; Lim, C.; Xu, S.; Shi, P.
2006Robust autopilot design with maximum stability radiusAkmeliawati, R.; Chow, K.Y.; IEEE International Conference on Industrial Technology (ICIT) (15 Dec 2006 - 17 Dec 2006 : Mumbai, India)
2012Robust climate policies under uncertainty: a comparison of robust decision making and info-gap methodsHall, J.W.; Lempert, R.J.; Keller, K.; Hackbarth, A.; Mijere, C.; McInerney, D.J.
2017Robust color guided depth map restorationLiu, W.; Chen, X.; Yang, J.; Wu, Q.
2012Robust consensus algorithm for second-order multi-agent systems with external disturbancesDu, H.; Li, S.; Shi, P.
2015Robust constrained control for MIMO nonlinear systems based on disturbance observerChen, M.; Shi, P.; Lim, C.C.
2008Robust constrained model predictive control based on parameter-dependent Lyapunov functionsXia, Y.; Liu, G.; Shi, P.; Chen, J.; Rees, D.
2002Robust continuous-time smoothers without two-sided stochastic integralsKrishnamurthy, V.; Elliott, R.
2014Robust control for nonhomogeneous Markov jump processes: an application to DC motor deviceYin, Y.; Shi, P.; Liu, F.; Lim, C.
2017Robust control for switched systems subject to input saturation and parametric uncertaintiesWang, Q.; Wu, Z.; Shi, P.; Xue, A.
2017Robust control of an active magnetic bearing system using H∞ and disturbance observer-based controlNoshadi, A.; Shi, J.; Lee, W.; Shi, P.; Kalam, A.
2014Robust control of continuous-time systems with state-dependent uncertainties and its application to electronic circuitsZhao, X.; Zhang, L.; Shi, P.; Karimi, H.
2014Robust control of stochastic systems against bounded disturbances with application to flight controlLiu, M.; Zhang, L.; Shi, P.; Karimi, H.
2014Robust control on saturated Markov jump systems with missing informationShi, P.; Yin, Y.; Liu, F.; Zhang, J.
2017Robust CO₂ and H₂ resistant triple-layered (Ag-YSZ)/YSZ/(La₀.₈Sr₀.₂2MnO₃-δ-YSZ) hollow fiber membranes with short-circuit for oxygen permeationMeng, X.; Sunarso, J.; Jin, Y.; Bi, X.; Yang, N.; Tan, X.; Wang, S.; Liu, S.